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  1. geci1234cs


    works, thanks!
  2. geci1234cs


    Hello how can i make cost dotted like: 50.000.000 in uirefine? i tried like this: self.costText.SetText(localeInfo.REFINE_COST % localeInfo.NumberToMoneyString((self.cost))) but i get this error: 1007 15:21:25119 :: %d format: a number is required, not str
  3. geci1234cs

    And how do you get paid at paymentwall?
  4. geci1234cs

    Some1 can help me pls?
  5. geci1234cs

    Thank you very much, what is classname?
  6. geci1234cs

    Hello! How can i make a button in inventory for equipment changer?
  7. geci1234cs

    Can someone help me to solve this problem??
  8. geci1234cs

    someone help plspls
  9. geci1234cs

    Okay so, this is my PythonExchange.h EXCHANGE_ITEM_MAX_NUM = 64, Exchange.h EXCHANGE_ITEM_MAX_NUM = 64, Exchange.cpp m_pGrid = M2_NEW CGrid(8,8);
  10. geci1234cs

    Hello! I expanded my trade window to 8,8 so i have 64 slots. But i cant place anything everywhere because it doesnt allows me, as you can see on the picture i try to place it but i cant! Files edited: PythonExchange.h server side Exchange.cpp Exchange.h
  11. geci1234cs

    What do you mean with full of bugs?
  12. geci1234cs

    Hello! I just compiled the binary, this is the topic of it: Thats the error what i have Can somebody help me please? Thanks in advance!
  13. geci1234cs

    This is the bug and after a few minutes the server stops running and kicks me. please help me