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  1. finaltorment

    open lycan skill error !!

    this problem is only whit the old free release, i suggest you to go to buy src from marty, not use the free one..
  2. finaltorment

    c++ Seen System[SHOP]

    nice! ty bro
  3. finaltorment

    Official Group Search

    nice! you release it? XD
  4. finaltorment

    open Illumina skill active problem is the way. but if you change this, all your effect like DDS are change too...
  5. finaltorment

    open Best Source currently?
  6. finaltorment

    open Best Source currently?

    marty is the way...
  7. finaltorment

    [Official] Unpacked Updates

    ok ty for the answer.
  8. finaltorment

    [Official] Unpacked Updates

    what's new in 17.0.12?
  9. finaltorment

    EterNexus Src

  10. finaltorment

    EterNexus Src

    download not avviable
  11. finaltorment

    [Official] Unpacked Updates

    ty very much!
  12. finaltorment

    [Official] Unpacked Updates

    you already have it updated and unpacked?
  13. finaltorment

    [Official] Unpacked Updates

    someone have or know where find: magma_crystal folder ?
  14. finaltorment

    Need granny.dll v 2.4

    here the link on mega!kltB0B6a!vahGcl0DfVa5Ifs6Kck-tsvBMt7cFL5Qfom20PWPYZk