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  1. Damixxx0101

    [HELP]Char pulling fix source

    somebody know where is problem ?
  2. Damixxx0101

    Clean Serverfiles&Source

    this files have problem maybe client i think files beacuse attack wolf u get kick and mob no have hp i check this on 4 client on JimmyFellan pic see buged wolf's ^^
  3. Damixxx0101

    [Search]Fix the Bug pulling pay 400 euro

    somebody know where is problem ?
  4. Damixxx0101

    open Client Pack

    Hi i have question how to make client pack like this ? i think is cythlon
  5. Damixxx0101

    Serverfiles Cartof v4

    hi can you reup links in mega host is dead
  6. Damixxx0101


    ye on this forum its upload very nice vb and unpacked source https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/389-not-really-a-rlsvm-with-freebsd-92-src-compileable/ better create own core and no using edited file = bugs exploit and more shit P2PJoin: member is not in same channel PID: 4446 channel 3, this channel 1 interesing u have fix for bug party on dungeon ?
  7. Damixxx0101


    Why u no using Mainline_sg or NOvaline? Maxmi its no good idea build ur own core bro
  8. Damixxx0101

    [C++] Release Shoulder System Not Official

    Bro please refresh ur first post its total chaos missing code must search on next page ; o
  9. Damixxx0101

    Metin2 Proto Reader 1.0.4

    okay bro i using ur tools adding new item and pack proto with Dump_proto ? released on src ?
  10. Damixxx0101

    Monarch system

    HIHO its possible decrypt this diff? db_r40146 000A5015: 3B 20 no like diff use src help me i use mainline_sg db r40146
  11. Damixxx0101

    Full Monarch System

    no diff version please db_r40146 000A5015: 3B 20
  12. Damixxx0101

    level is not updated

  13. Damixxx0101

    [HowTo] Client protection from Metin2Nirvana

    reup setting my friend ? thanks
  14. Damixxx0101


  15. Damixxx0101


    hello dev's i have problem with vs 2008 all project i open give this same error access was denied and all file is unavailable i have fresh system w7 64bit Ultimate