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  1. felipeard1

    open [HELP]Unpack .exe

  2. felipeard1

    open [HELP]Unpack .exe

    I need to do debugging to .exe
  3. felipeard1

    open [HELP]Unpack .exe

  4. felipeard1

    open [HELP]Unpack .exe

    Sorry for the English. Can someone help or give a tip to make a pack to an .exe? I already tried ide pro but it is complicated. I appreciate the help!
  5. felipeard1

    [ LOOK URGENT ] Developer for macro / auto builder

    Add skype: felipe.ardila8
  6. felipeard1

    Christmas map for 2016

    good job !!
  7. felipeard1

    [Bug] import image in python

    It is when I import an image appears that
  8. felipeard1

    [Bug] import image in python

    Hi I have a problem import an image and this line appears He had seen a missing driver or something on my pc I appreciate the help!!
  9. felipeard1

    [Help]regen_in_map lua

    but I do not want it to be dungeon, so use the function regen_in_map
  10. felipeard1

    [Help]regen_in_map lua

    Hi I have a problem with the function regen_in_map the problem is to kill the mob does not regenerate as does the role of regen in dungeon if anyone can help me I appreciate it
  11. HI I need help with this mysql_query / It works perfect mysql_direct_query / error In mysql_direct_query it does not work