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  1. TyWin

    Tool for official proto's

    @UnknownUser So the decision is? Is this possible to get?
  2. TyWin

    Costume_mount problem

    Hello everyone. I want to ask if you can edit one thing, that actually "hurts" me right now ^^. Costume_mount works for me good but I have only 1 trouble with it. When I attack I can't ride it. It's like older version of mounts on Metin2 official. Can someone help me with removing this blockation? Image: http://prntscr.com/asbh9u
  3. TyWin

    Is the "Metin2" Still alive?

    Look, you ask us because you probably grew up but you have to look at this from the other side. Metin2 is still good game and for someone is the number one game. Also kids are growing and what will be theirs number one game? It can be your server and Metin2 man...Head up
  4. TyWin

    bug cpu client 40k

    Downgrade, or use another binary
  5. TyWin

    Stats page bug

    I have same problem
  6. TyWin

    Buy shop offline

    Where? Oops sorry the topic has been deleted it think lol. Ahh okay. Anyway, I think this release: https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/8244-pyluatradehouse/&page=1 is much better than offline shops (for me). Players can buy items usign "item shop coins" in market. So I think is good inspiration for all players.
  7. TyWin

    Buy shop offline

  8. TyWin

    [Client] Visual bug of Attack Damage

    I'll pay for it If you know how to, just add me on skype: tywinus
  9. TyWin

    [Client] Visual bug ATTACK_GRADE

    If someone know how to, add me on skype: tywinus I can pay for it.
  10. TyWin

    [HELP]Compile Binary Source

    If you want clean binary just use this release: https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/958-sln-metin2client-with-updated-directx-granny-python-and-more/. Compile it usign VS2013
  11. TyWin


    Why is this topic still here? Why nobody can just reupload it or delete it?
  12. Hello, I'm searching someone, who can help me with visual bug of adding ATTACK_GRADE. I mean: Attack_Value of swords, daggers, bows etc etc. works fine. But when I activate my aura, or equip any item with ATTACK DMG points don't attack on my character (but only visual). If I hit someone dmg has effect. But as I said, there is only visual bug. Skype: tywinus
  13. Hello! Does anybody know how to fix visual ATTACK_GRADE bug? It doesn't adding in your stats (only visual). Attack-Value working fine, but Attack-Grade (bonus from 1-5 armor, aura sword, etc.). I would really love if someone can help me with this.
  14. TyWin

    Lycan Binary

  15. TyWin

    Binary Compiling Problem

    Okay, I'll do it. But I need to change so much files in GameLib. I'm going to do it now.