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  1. PeaceMaker

    Please nooooooo

    Simply, i don't like it that's my feedback.
  2. PeaceMaker

    Please nooooooo

  3. PeaceMaker

    [Preview] League Of Legends map to metin2 - Howling Abyss

    Looks great ! Would be nice if you post a video
  4. PeaceMaker

    open Connect sources

    Use beyond compare to get detailed results between the 2 sources, if packets match then you should be able to connect using the same client you currently have.
  5. PeaceMaker

    open Connect sources

    It is possible, if you don't have much things implemented. Start by comparing packet.h for both source and see what you got there to implement in the new source or to remove from your client ...
  6. PeaceMaker

    c++ [Mini Release] Graphic On/Off

    You have a function that already exist to destroy all effects use it and select the effects that you only want them to be removed . and then add a condition on CInstanceBase::__AttachEffect for not attaching the effect after being removed . Not sure if that's gonna work but i guess it should
  7. PeaceMaker

    Emoji in TextLine

    There's a missing part for the mouse cursor
  8. Ahh gotcha . im english that's why
  9. Yeah but having an F next to Alignment makes no sense xD
  10. so if its female there's an F next to it ? or did i get it wrong
  11. PeaceMaker

    CH3HP DDoS

    I never actually paid him to stop attacking me . He joined my discord and I asked him myself to attack me before he does . We just had a little talk and he seemed like a nice guy . If i was you i'd pay him . its not a shame if you cant fight him
  12. PeaceMaker

    CH3HP DDoS

    Just pay those 300 euro you cheap fuck
  13. PeaceMaker

    CH3HP DDoS

    exactly xD
  14. PeaceMaker

    CH3HP DDoS

    Get a better protection Opps thats bad @T4UMP