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  1. Ahh gotcha . im english that's why
  2. Yeah but having an F next to Alignment makes no sense xD
  3. so if its female there's an F next to it ? or did i get it wrong
  4. PeaceMaker

    CH3HP DDoS

    I never actually paid him to stop attacking me . He joined my discord and I asked him myself to attack me before he does . We just had a little talk and he seemed like a nice guy . If i was you i'd pay him . its not a shame if you cant fight him
  5. PeaceMaker

    CH3HP DDoS

    Just pay those 300 euro you cheap fuck
  6. PeaceMaker

    CH3HP DDoS

    exactly xD
  7. PeaceMaker

    CH3HP DDoS

    Get a better protection Opps thats bad @T4UMP
  8. PeaceMaker

    CH3HP DDoS

    I've spoke with both of you , he's more decent than you are . Just sayin ^^ The guy is cool
  9. PeaceMaker

    open Cipher Failure.

    Hello everyone , I'd like to ask if anyone have had any issue with cipher My game is randomly crashing with this following errors . Im Using Cryptopp 7 Compiled on FreeBSD 11.2 Any ideas ? If someone knows how to fix this i could pay for it .Thanks
  10. PeaceMaker

    Looking for Designer !

    Urgently looking for a designer with decent knowledge about metin2 that can match the original UI from official server . Drop me a private message or your skype id on this thread .
  11. My friend, you can not receive any private message :P

  12. PeaceMaker

    solved New Function

    reverse engineer god
  13. PeaceMaker

    Search for a Mapper

    Stop spending money , your server will die as soon as you stop paying youtubers
  14. PeaceMaker

    [Preview] Edit map1

    Black friday discount ?