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  1. Hello, everyone, I have here a bone with animation which I would have to adapt. (in 3DS max) As you can see in the gif, it's slipping away from its position (at the animation time). This looks ugly and is not meant to be, because it's a waiting animation. Gif Preview I was looking for something and just found out that with a biped model that could use in place feature. But for that I would have to convert the bone to a biped, which would be a bit more extensive and with several 100 models I still have to work on, too much work. Do you know a solution? Thank you guys
  2. socressor

    Animation gr2 in 3D Max

    Can you tell me why the animation is sliding away on the ground?
  3. socressor

    Looking for website coder for my website design

    If you like, you can contact me over Skype too:
  4. socressor

    php A complete metin2 website

    Nice work, I will take a look at the Code and give you some Feedback.
  5. Hey, at the moment I try to get some granny animations to 3ds max. The Problem is that the animations are not in the model file, they are outside. Do you know any method to get that animations in 3ds Max or migrating the model gr2 and animations gr2 together? Thank you
  6. socressor

    .gr2 to 3ds max FULL?

    I have installed 3ds max 7 already and included alle plugins I found here. Thats my try: As you can's the mesh and bones. But if I export them to a normal .gr2 file and play animations: Animation is not working...
  7. socressor

    .gr2 to 3ds max FULL?

    With that you only get the Mesh and Bones working...
  8. socressor

    .gr2 to 3ds max FULL?

    Hello, is there a way to import granny2 files like Player Models into 3ds max WITH Animation and ready rigged skeletton? I'm tired of rigging -.-...
  9. socressor

    Source discussions, questions, answers

    Hello, I've got a Question. I try to write a C# Client...but I fail at the login . Anyboy knows how to do the tcp login? In which way it works? I have debugged the C++ Source for Days...but I can't find the right way.
  10. socressor

    Guild error (Noname)

    Hello, I worked on my Serverfiles since 1 Month and now I have realized that I got a Guild error. Look here: The ClientSource (right Side) can't finde the Leader and set it to Noname (dwMasterPID have the right value) and here's another bug: No Guild Member :S...I can't find the error in my Source. I have debugged the Source code from Server to Clientside. Serverside sends the right data to Clientside...but than...only errors :S You got any idea? Edit: It seems that the method GetMemberDataPtrByPID in client source don't works. Guildonline list is empty, GUILD_SUBHEADER_GC_LOGIN fails :S And if I debug the GetMemberDataPtrByPID : You can see that it jumps to return False...because that condition works :/ bad. Please give me a hint :S
  11. Hat einer ne Idee?`:) | You got an Idea?
  12. socressor

    Question about development

    I mean Client, not Source
  13. socressor

    Question about development

    Thank you and which client should I use and where can I find it ?
  14. socressor

    Question about development

    Hello Guy's, I was in Metin Buisness absent since 8 Months and now I want to create a little server for my friends and me. Which Serverfiles + Client + Source should I use? I know how to code C++, C#, Python, Lua so thats no problem. But first I need a clean start and for that clean files (no custom stuff, only Metin 2 DE Stuffe, stats, design). Because I don't want to remove custom trash from dumbass source's Thank you for any replies