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  1. semoka10


    WELCOME_MSG = "DB Server has been started"SQL_ACCOUNT = "localhost account core fliege 0"SQL_PLAYER = "localhost player core fliege 0"SQL_COMMON = "localhost common core fliege 0"SQL_HOTBACKUP = "localhost homepage core fliege 0"TABLE_POSTFIX = ""BIND_PORT = 92378DB_SLEEP_MSEC = 10CLIENT_HEART_FPS = 10HASH_PLAYER_LIFE_SEC = 600BACKUP_LIMIT_SEC = 3600PLAYER_ID_START = 100PLAYER_DELETE_LEVEL_LIMIT = 126PLAYER_DELETE_CHECK_SIMPLE = 1LOCALE = latin1NO_TXT = 1ITEM_ID_RANGE = 2000000000 2100000000MIN_LENGTH_OF_SOCIAL_ID = 6#NAME_COLUMN = "gb2312name"#LOCALE = "gb2312"SIMPLE_SOCIALID = 1Block "Y/QSB7omi36awq4ctpUxuiwRARM="
  2. semoka10


    It says ITEM_ID_RANGE = 2000000000 2100000000 , what am I supposed to do with it?
  3. On the Fliege serverfiles( this is what I got recommended when looking for clean sf), after I run the start command and it supposedly finishes starting the server, it goes into a loop. Anyone knows a fix? ( the server is only for testing, with hamachi ip)
  4. semoka10


    I figured it out, thanks for the information.
  5. I'm new to this and I'm barely understanding the networking part of running a metin2 server. So i wanted to change FreeBSD 9.2 to 11.2 but I don't know how to configure the network settings. I tried mirroring the ones I had in 9.2 but I don't know what corresponds to what, also I can't put .localhost in hostname/domain ( the server is just for myself, to test things, made using hamachi). So can someone explain or give me a tutorial to configure FreeBSD 11.2 networking? In the photo you can see my 9.2 settings
  6. Hello, can someone tell me what server and client sources are, what they are used for and how I can use them?
  7. semoka10


    The main goal is to do something myself and learn new things in the process, so it's not an option. Any other way?
  8. I decided that I want to open my own Metin2 server because all the servers I played are repetitve/boring/identical to other and I think I have some good ideas. I followed a tutorial for opening a server, but the problem is I don't understand what I'm doing exactly, and there are way too many unclear things(like people talking about where they can find a good serverfile, but I can't seem to find anyone telling me what a serverfile precisely is, what it does, what is the difference between 2 serverfiles) and I don't know where to start. So I'd appreciate if someone could answer my ( tons of ) questions or tell me where to look for answers/learn the basics. My questions are related to what the client is, what does it do, how is it different compared with the serverfiles, is there any downside(like security) in using public serverfiles, why people use FreeBSD for servers, what are the basic commands to it, how to modify data in the database ( I tried changing the lvl, name etc of the lvl1 dog inside the database, nothing changed ingame, what is wrong with my approach?) , what programming languages should I focus on( I know a little C++ and even less Python), how do you figure which files to modify if you want to implement a new system ( for example, I saw a tutorial for doubling the size of shop space, and the guy said you have to add/change code in a few different files , how did he exactly know which files to modify? ), and finally do you actually need to have a full understanding of how the game was created and how every single file/line of code works if you want to change it, or you can do fine without even reading it? (asking because I got lost in the tons of functions I didn't understand, making probably easy code unintelligible to me)
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