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    The account was created recently ... It is not credible.
  4. You must fix the jobdesc_xxx.txt (locale_xx) by adding / modifying [ENTER] or [WAIT] in the txt

    The syntax highlighting of code tags has been fixed

    Dear M2Dev Community, How do I get a Rank ? STAFF Administrator The administrators manage the forum. They manage the administrative and technical part. We keep the forum running ! Recruitments are organized under the decision of the administrators. In case of problems with the forum do not hesitate to contact the administrators. Bot Our wonderful bot finds its place ! It's only accessible to bots and not to humans ! Hi @M2Dev ! Moderator They are there to enforce the rules of the forum. They have permissions to manage posts and members. They can also put a warning or ban a member. In case of problems with the member do not hesitate to contact the moderators. Recruitments are organized under the decision of the administrators. Engineer They are specialists, they make sure that the releases and shares are of high quality ! The Engineers are recruited in order to develop, animate and clean up the forum. They were chosen based on their skills. They have permissions to manage posts. Recruitments are organized under the decision of the administrators. Wiki Team They manage the M2Dev Wiki. They have no permissions on the forum. Recruitments are organized under the decision of the administrators. MEMBER Guest These are people who are not yet registered on the forum ! Banned Nobody would want to get this rank ! Member These are the members of the M2Dev community ! Mapper - Developer - Designer - 3D Artist These ranks are a mark of recognition. It highlights members with skills. The criteria for obtaining these ranks will depend on your investment on the forum and are based on the domain in which you excel. The team can promote you if we believe you are worthy of obtaining it. Partner Our partners. Honorable Member This rank is a mark of recognition. It highlights senior members whom are known for the quality of their content on the forum. The team can promote you if we think you are worthy of it. Former Staff They are the old staff, they are no longer active ! They still keep privileges on the forum to thank them for their work. VIP The VIP Rank is a paid rank, it grants you the access to our secret section of the forum. You have some advantages on the forum. They help pay for our infrastructure. Sincerly, ASIKOO

    It's hard to read

    I love it !

    Some details for the Yangs
  10. ASIKOO

    Dear M2Dev Community, How to earn Yangs in M2Dev ? VIP 10 Yangs per Topic in the VIP Area 5 Yangs per Day 10 Yangs per Week 15 Yangs per Month Bank : 18% Monthly Interest ALL 5 Yangs per Topic 10 Yangs per Topic ( Member Representations ) 1 Yang per Topic ( Questions and Answers, Private Servers, Feedback ) 1 Yang per Post 1 Yang per Post for Owner Topic 10 Yangs per Best Answer ( Questions and Answers ) 1 Yang per Status 1 Yang per Reply to a Status 1 Yang per Day 5 Yangs per Week 10 Yangs per Month 25 Yangs when you Reffer a Member 5 Yangs upon receiving a Love Reaction 1 Yang upon receiving a Like Reaction Bank : 9% Monthly Interest Sincerly, ASIKOO
  11. ASIKOO

    @ahmedfff Salut, merci pour le partage, cependant j te demande d'écrire tout cela en anglais Pour information, la seule langue tolérée est l'anglais : Règlement :
  12. ASIKOO

    75% of plugins have been added but are currently disabled. A forum beta is underway to offer you new features and themes.
  13. ASIKOO


    Hello, It's a shame to have deleted your request for help... It could have helped other members ! Regards, ASIKOO
  14. ASIKOO

    11) This will not prevent registrations to come and use our resources and then leave 12) It's a good idea (We already do it on our French forum) We are going to update the forum, your suggestions will be integrated.
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