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  1. Lysium

    Hi guys, in the date of 23 November 2019 we start searching for some devs to help us fixing / creating custom systems, some of our staff contacted @Legend and he start working for us. He have 2 big tasks to do : 1. Coding the searchshop from PSD to Interface with rendering slots, we negotiate some price (i can't tell the price because we don't do that, but it's not small), that was in december, first week, he start coding some things, he send us photos, today, he doesn't answer anymore, server-side part missing, python files incomplete, client-side full of errors, our devs has "comented" the basic of functions becuase they cannot compile, but his code is still there. 2. SkillPage, that thing is 60% complete, now it's not answering so it's incomplete with alot of bugs, @ManiacRobert make a small gif about his last conversation with it. https://gyazo.com/c5e86024b90797dceec638ae12df2de2 We still hope he will message us back and start fixing his paied tasks, if he will fix, i will ask a moderator to close that topic. Later edit // https://gyazo.com/8e4765532dd85f5f19202132ff945998
  2. Lysium

    Hi, still searching.
  3. Lysium

    Homepage: https://lysium2.eu Discord: https://discord.gg/MD3vFtM
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