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  1. MRLibya .... give me your skype!

    i need of your work

  2. You've added them wrong , note that [...] means some part of the function is deleted , DON'T DELETE IT , just copy and past after the deleted part in the files
  3. i've upload them at the attachement , anyway here's another link https://mega.nz/#!fMRQwKRK!GM_D8C4zZYkKj95pc4CwDNrhpyea_GEQ-TJX6nRw8PU
  4. Hello everyone ! I've been away from metin2 for about 6 months and i've get back from less then a month and made thoes systems , i've start selling them but i didn't sell it to anyone and i got bored from metin2 again so i'm going to release it and go off from metin2 for ever . about the Advance Refine System here some info: so download and have fun Advance Refine System.rar Soul Bind System.rar Cheque System.rar
  5. MrLibya

    Official patcher is the best solution
  6. MrLibya


  7. MrLibya


    No not the icon i only need the file ( ymir work/ui/public.dds ) the new one from update 16
  8. MrLibya


    I've slow connection i can't download the whole client
  9. MrLibya


    Hello I've download from here the patch 16.0 for the cheque system ( metin2_patch_etc) and it seems to be that the file ( public.dds ) is missing , can someone upload me the full patch or upload me this file ?
  10. Hello It's a minor bug but it's important , when u kill the devil tower boss and get ur reward and try to upgrade ur weapon or anything if u press yes and u haee money less then the cost u will lost the reward . so here even if u have no money u will not lost the reward to fix it : open input_main.cpp add : #include "refine.h" // find this if (!item) { ch->ClearRefineMode(); return; } // a new code block const TRefineTable * prt = CRefineManager::instance().GetRefineRecipe(item->GetRefineSet()); if (!prt) { ch->ClearRefineMode(); return; } now search for : if (ch->GetQuestFlag("deviltower_zone.can_refine")) replace the whole condition with this : if (ch->GetQuestFlag("deviltower_zone.can_refine")) { if (ch->GetGold() >= prt->cost) { ch->DoRefine(item, true); ch->SetQuestFlag("deviltower_zone.can_refine", 0); } else ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("±¹°ي؟، µ·ہج ؛خء·اد°إ³ھ µ·ہ» °،ء®؟أ¼ِ ¾ّ´آ »َب²ہش´د´ظ")); } sry 4 my english
  11. MrLibya

    check this : if (!pSkillData->CanUseWeaponType(pkInstMain->GetWeaponType()))
  12. MrLibya

    ok I take a look for the function else if (GetType() == ITEM_NEW) return WEAR_NEW I still can't see how that make connect between the slot and that's wear type
  13. hallo all so If I want add new slot for new item type in inventory window it will be like that: type : ITEM_NEW , WEAR_NEW const DWORD c_Equipment_New = c_New_Equipment_Start + 3; {"index":item.EQUIPMENT_NEW, "x":39, "y":106, "width":32, "height":32}, the question is how this slot will define this type ? I check other slots like belt ..etc and there is no other define for it
  14. MrLibya

  15. MrLibya

    hallo can someone give me the costume weapon patch?
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