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  1. - https://dritmt2.com/ Servidor on.
  2. Apertura del servidor Jueves 07/11/2019 a las 19:00 hora española. Server opening Thursday 07/11/2019 at 19:00 Spanish time. - Crea tu cuenta y descargalo ya desde!: https://dritmt2.com/ REGISTROS ACTIVADOS!!
  3. ESPAÑOL Un juego donde tendrás que recordar las hazañas de antaño y utilizarlas en Dritec2 - Oldschool para pelear por el Top, donde la prioridad es demostrar lo que cada jugador vale sin depender del dinero invertido en la ItemShop (Todo se consigue por juego.) - Cliente disponible ya para descargarlo desde nuestra web: https://dritmt2.com/ - Registros ACTIVOS EN LA WEB: https://dritmt2.com/ - Apertura del servidor Jueves 07/11/2019 a las 19:00 hora española Links del servidor https://dritmt2.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Dritec-to-Metin2-102454277861869/ https://discord.gg/Wa7wyfe English A game where you have to remember the feats of yesteryear and use them in Dritec2 - Oldschool to fight for the Top, where the priority is to show what each player is worth without depending on the money invested in the ItemShop (everything can be achieved by game.) - Client available now to download from our website: https://dritmt2.com/ - Registers ON: https://dritmt2.com/ - Server opening Thursday 07/11/2019 at 19:00 Spanish time Links Dritec2 oldschool https://dritmt2.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Dritec-to-Metin2-102454277861869/ https://discord.gg/Wa7wyfe Features: - Everything achievable in the game. - Lv. max 105 - Start level 1 with basic doped set - Rates EXP, Yang and Drop: 200% - PVM-PVP EASY - In the purest Metin2 style 2008 - Max. armor and weapon level 90 - No stoles - No 5th race - No alchemy - No energy - Stones souls in all the mysteries - Books in store - Bonus like the official - Automatic dopador in store by yang - Change and add bonus in store - Start with military horse - New biologist system - Tower demons - Catacombs of the devil - Beran-Setaou - Stones up to +4 max. - No limit of yang in inventory - Advanced duels system - System to see drops to all the mobs. - Advanced refining system.