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  1. So my error seems to be pretty simple as soon as a Shaman uses the Healling skill/Buff my console shows. has anyone an idea what could be wrong btw i am using 40k Sf. Segmentation fault (core dumped) rm: cores/core.1: No such file or directory
  2. easyx

    open mysql security

    Thanks for the answer actually i tried to look what the privilieges mean at the user table and found something like a mysql guide but couldnt see quite through that so if you could explain me them that would be awesome
  3. So i have added a new Dagger but its not getting showed ingame everything else is fine
  4. easyx

    open mysql security

    Thanks a lot do happen to also know if it is possible to use some kind of Dydns service as an ip at the Mysql users something like no-ip because i tried no ip but its not working
  5. easyx

    open mysql security

    Yeah i was meaning logs on the server so on the Freebsd mysql to log which can show me the IP of my connecting website. How to see if a website is vulnurable to sql inject?
  6. easyx

    open mysql security

    Yeah i thought about that adding the IP of my website but is there any kind of a log to see the ip which is connecting? well i have setup a firewall for more protection and i have no account at navicat without IP recognition but i just face the website to be unsecure still yet
  7. easyx

    open mysql security

    Hey thanks for the answer and can configure that on Navicat to only insert in account/acccount or is this website based?
  8. easyx

    open mysql security

    Hey everybody so as i have seen a lot off people recommend to create a new mysql user for the website with only less privs so my question would be what privileges do i need to put at my web user to only handle what a website should handle??
  9. Hello everybody i hope you can help me by this the problem is that my client dosent let me connect to my server (i am using client and sf from Fliege) i have already changed the ip at the root.epk and .eix but it just says to me you are getting connected with the server and nothing happens...