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  1. martysama0134

    Meme - Thread

  2. martysama0134 fix

    The problem of using this function is that it's not refreshed at re-warp, so it will show an old date.
  3. martysama0134

    [EterPack Archiver] PackMakerLite

    FoxFS is public, idem its source
  4. martysama0134

    [EterPack Archiver] PackMakerLite

    v1.8 fixed packing/unpacking files/folders with spaces in filenames (issue present only in the .bats)
  5. martysama0134

    Meme - Thread

  6. martysama0134

    [EterPack Archiver] PackMakerLite

    UPDATED v1.3 added install.bat for installing everything (must be runned as admin) v1.4 added "force_filename_lowercase" config field v1.5 fixed packing of non all-lower-named packs v1.6 fixed extraction of 0kb files v1.7 fixed extraction of 2-len packs names
  7. martysama0134

    Meme - Thread

  8. martysama0134

    Meme - Thread

  9. martysama0134

    solved shouder sash problem bonus

  10. martysama0134

    open Dedicated server OVH game - Mysql problem

    your mysql server is getting laggy due to the crappy machine hardware (ram or cpu mostly) or your website is opening lots of connection or your machine network is crap
  11. martysama0134

    WorldEditor ReMIX Try either 1) the .manifest or 2) to set the dpi scale to 100%
  12. martysama0134

    c++ Json converter for server data files

    Boost PropertyTree is not a json library (but it uses internally one). It drops tons of functionality from the JSON format. I also think it treats integers as strings. It's 20 times slower than the most used json libraries. Its implementation looks very oldish. It's basically legacy code in its utmost definition. Also, with the new c++ standards, many boost functionality can be replaced quite easily. Boost remains a bloatware for small projects, so I try to avoid it when possible. As for other alternatives, these two are header-only (easily to implement/copy-paste on Extern/include/ or from "pkg install") and much more beautiful:
  13. martysama0134

    [EterPack Archiver] PackMakerLite

    UPDATED Fixed another small bug with lowercase paths (GR2 -> gr2)
  14. martysama0134

    [EterPack Archiver] PackMakerLite

    This is an archiver I've created, and it looks quite stable so far. The PackMakerLite (PML) supports type0-1-2-3-4-5 (type4-5 only pack, not unpack). As a summarize, the metin2 types are handled like this: Type 0 - only storage (no encryption/compression; it can be read fully from the .epk) Type 1 - compressed - lzo(file) Type 2 - compressed and encrypted - xtea(lzo(file)) Type 3 - encrypted with Panama - you must save an .iv key server-side in the panama/ folder. (content readable only after auth phase) The official used it only for patch2. Type 4 - encrypted with a mix of ciphers (cshybridcrypt) - you must save a .dat key server-side in the package/ folder. (content readable only after auth phase) Practically all the metin2_patch files. Type 5 - like type 4, but a server-side map/<map_name> is also provided. (content readable only after accessing the <map_name> map as a player) The official used it only for the catacomb data. Usage: Its settings (xtea keys, extensions, pack types to use) can be changed inside PackMakerLite.json: You can actually integrate the tool in the menu context (running the .reg files) for packing folders and unpacking .eix files. Remove "--nolog" from the .bat files if you want to see the logs again. Last but not least: since the client handles all the filenames in lowercase, this tools automatically converts them as well.