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  1. Mehti

    About me!

    Thank you my friend and i still listening Purple Swag
  2. Mehti

    About me!

    Thank mate. Thank mate.
  3. Mehti

    About me!

    Thank you friend
  4. Mehti

    About me!

    Really bad.
  5. Mehti

    About me!

    Hello devs, My name is Mehti and i'm from Turkey. I start first metin2 server on europe "" then some german guys stole my db and publish it on elitepvpers (first working playerdb etc.) then metin2 working files got public (before working rls). Anyway, some people love me some people hate me, but i dont care haters. I want to say, I have just this account on and on epvp this : мзтіи2 I dont have any account on Turkmmo and other turkish forums. One b1tch open thread on and write my name, skype. "he, she or it" i dont care. he are selling Wom2 sources based on official "ymir" sources. i dont know who send this message to Juan. I want to say something. I never deceive anyone! I believe friendship even on internet.. Juan dont want to listen just deleted me. This is your friendship? Your files already public and who want this files can get easly.. Renember this : Do you remember? in a project I was working on my metin2 project. i got one vps from eterhost and my all files was deleted when etherhost hacked, my 2 years project got deleted.. Juan talk me about give lifetime VPS. I not accept frist time but i accepted, and now my VPS cancelled without any information. My files again deleted!? Anyway.. I want to say goodbye to all. I dont care metin2 anymore, please dont send me pm about FRIENDSHIP killer metin2. Sorry for my bad english!
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  7. Mehti

    New server ideas

    I want a make server with good sounds. When level up then one bigroom drops start and say : youuu level up (with unique girl voice lol) When you kill boss then say something nice to players and i think people like this. You know, much players have a EGO and this sound system maybe feed their ego. Players want play for hear these sounds. Fact is that: Much players play metin2 without sound. maybe this idea worst, but i want If you have suggestions about this please write me.
  8. Mehti

    Search Good Client Protection

    Contact @Rumor on forum
  9. Can you post changes ? or its clean?
  10. Mehti

    Official Metin2 Website

    I have Turkish version but i dont know owner, then i can't release it. I now search some public and free* script for you.
  11. Mehti

    Game Revision Poll

    Anyone tested game_41115 from SG?