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  1. Does someone know the solution for this problem? https://i.imgur.com/T3zhr35.gifv This bug doesnt appear with all mobs, i havent tryed with all mobs but it appears with ninetail and icewitch. Solved, i fcked up the mob_proto.
  2. DrTurk

    open VS2010 Novaline

    You have to respect the rules and yes you have to rebuild cryptopp with vs2010, but better use vs2019
  3. DrTurk

    open Compiling on FreeBSD 12.0

    no one knows a solution for this?
  4. DrTurk

    open Compiling on FreeBSD 12.0

    already used lldb and gdb on the .core file, i can upload the output, but it wont help lldb: gdb:
  5. DrTurk

    open Compiling on FreeBSD 12.0

    The screen just says "root db[896]: stack overflow detected; terminated || Abort (core dumped)" after i runned my db file. This also happens with the game file, but gamefile doenst even create syserr/syslog, db creates syslog and syserr but nothing in it which could help.
  6. i have some troubles with using a game/db file compiled on FreeBSD 12.0. Compiling works fine but when i try to start the compiled file, i get an instant core dumped and on other putty i get this --> If I do the same thing on FreeBSD 11.3 everything works fine. I only install gmake for compiling. Are there any major changes from 11.3 to 12.0 Edit: Im using gmake and CC
  7. DrTurk

    open [Help] Add normal Bonus for Sash system

  8. DrTurk

    open [Help] Add normal Bonus for Sash system

    absorbing is also a bonus, why should hp etc. not work on sash? just do it like that: 85001 ¸íÀåÀÇ ¾×¼¼¼­¸®(È­·Á) ITEM_COSTUME COSTUME_ACCE 1 ANTI_DROP | ANTI_GIVE | ANTI_PKDROP | ANTI_MYSHOP LOG NONE NONE 100000 0 85002 409 0 LIMIT_NONE 0 LIMIT_NONE 0 APPLY_ACCEDRAIN_RATE 1 APPLY_MAX_HP 10000 APPLY_NONE 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 0 0
  9. DrTurk

    [Collection] File Requests

    Could someone upload the current property folder from officials, i cant unpack it.
  10. DrTurk

    open map folder

    Does someone have a map folder from official (2018 - 2019)?
  11. DrTurk

    solved mysql error

    create the table?