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  1. iMeleys

    open Hairstyle problem

    i have write you a private message but i think some code is missing you cold check every single line in source that you modify and maybe its solving the issue.
  2. im sorry but im in learning progress it will take some time until im a profesionall coder in c++ you should search someone other
  3. DE: Ich wollte gerne mal erfahren wie ich CMAKE anstelle von GCC49 nutzen könnte als compiler unter FreeBSD für die Game Branch wenn das bereits jemand umgesetzt hat in der vergangenheit wäre super wenn mir da jemand paar Infos gibt wie ich das schnell umsetzen könnte .. EN: I wanted to know how I could use CMAKE instead of GCC49 as a compiler for the Game Branch if someone has already implemented that in the past would be great if someone gives me some information how could I do that
  4. the code for the automatic hunter system was written by a turkish coder i think he is not active anymore you could use the system and rewrite some things inside the project of automatic huntersystem if you have enough knowledge in c++ (mean it not bad) for doing it otherwise you must search a developer that helps you out.
  5. iMeleys

    open Metin2 Python Loader [GF] ?

    that is a awesome idea to asking slait how he managed that on m2bob ! hope he helps you out but dont make bad things with the checker haha ! could u please update this topic once you find the solution ? would be interesting for me how he manage that for the python code "im more into c++" notice2myself do not act bad in the future little meleysama ! :c
  6. iMeleys

    open Metin2 Python Loader [GF] ?

    i say at the end of my text that he can find ways to inject his own code into the game process if he disassembling m2bob's binary paci because they have new ways to inject python code it doesnt matter DE use cython or not .. dont bite me doggy ! ._. hope my englisch was not to bad today doggy-senpai have correct my text now a bit to understand it better .. you know me a bit paci my mother language is german not englisch hehe
  7. iMeleys

    open Metin2 Python Loader [GF] ?

    edit: ohw ! i made a little misstake i didnt read the full question i thought u just wanna running a specific .py file from a specific directory thats why i post a solution to it my fail ! Like MrQuin says before the official server use cython to protect his own python files it will be complicated to extract the root directory the only thing u get is pseudo-code after 6 hours of analyzing.. you should make experiments with normal clients before and if u find a way to bypass cython u can post it "penger post somedays files from the official root directory so maybe u ask him how he bypass cython" i know u wanna make a checker for checking account data over the official client and trying to inject code to the game and not beeing disturbed by google recaptcha's but maybe you find a way to inject somenthing into the actuall process of metin2 if u disassemble the binary of m2bob for finding new ways and look how they do it..
  8. iMeleys

    CH3HP DDoS

    Judging over people.. i cant say that i find it good.. but i also dont find it good that (cytax or ch3hp) DDoS Server's only to make money with it and say to people buy my protection or DDoS .. why you doing that? its bad to do somenthing like this ch3hp ! if you reading this change the way you are if u wanna a chance from this people here someday again ! Sincerly The little Meleys
  9. iMeleys


    That look realy amazing are that korean letters ? i love them how you bind that two things together the metin art with the korean letters its amazing how it looks i will make my homepage-script like this sorry my bad english.
  10. iMeleys

    open regulate the "damage pakets"

    - push it we still searching for the option inside the game branch -
  11. iMeleys

    open regulate the "damage pakets"

    Example Damage Pakets PLAYER1 regulary sending normal damage pakets to the server - everything is fine - PLAYER2 use a dmg hack from lalaka1 and sending damage pakets to fast 6 in less then one second to the server SYSTEM see that somenthing is wrong and that PLAYER2 sending the pakets to fast to the server - and kick this crap user - a complete good solution for most of damage hacks NOTICE okay half complete u also can make a log for that observate the player2 over youre [GM]'s , [GA]'s [SGM]'s and ban player2 but you are right ! it gives other ways to make a damage hack and to understand that and fixing it you just have to understand how the actual damage hack works as a another example coders use the function AttackSpeed also to make a damage hack ! u just have to make a check for it and you are done with it because see my example we just need: a complete good solution i didnt mean it bad my english sucks sometimes and it gives a option to regulate the damage pakets inside the game branch and that we are searching for and for the other hacks remember u just have to understand how they works and if u find a solution to it a good one to deny all other dmg hacks and not just one share it because it helps our community and i love the people here im just crazy sometimes and sometimes people dont understand my way of thinking... Sincerly Community Kitty Meleys
  12. okay if koray say that to me i believe him then i put this idea away and close that thread... thank you that you speak about it koray i like if you speak to the others.
  13. iMeleys

    open regulate the "damage pakets"

    because if its a good solution to completly deny it in future its good to share. but if u dont wanna share it its okay ! i respect that also doesnt mean it bad..
  14. what i can do to prevent memory hacking ? what i have for options ? i like to have alot of them ! and for the good heart developers here if u wanna speak speak i dont bite you ! you also can write me private messages if u dont wanna make it public i take care for you - if u want - in my mind its good to share everything with the community because knowledge is power but i respect it if u dont wanna make it public for everybody sometimes its ok because if a solution is public others could "break that solution"..
  15. iMeleys

    open regulate the "damage pakets"

    i will search today for that option to regulate the damage pakets but about the speed hack u dont have to care about only about the (attack speed) thats the problem. the damage hacks from lalaka1 is also a problem he have more then just one and we should find a solution for all users here and we should fix m2bob on a weekly base ..