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  1. iMeleys

    [Closed] Shoutbox

    I think i close this Topic right now and yeah... it was a try.
  2. Good Idea Buddy thank you very much.
  3. iMeleys

    [Closed] Shoutbox

    Yeah i dont think that you are against the idea but i realy wish here would be more users active inside the shoutbox for talking such (normal things) and yeah maybe there will be some problems but we can solve them ! because you can see the shoutbox actually there is nobody right now just me and a few people sometimes ..
  4. iMeleys

    [Closed] Shoutbox

    I Spoke about it we could add a rule above the Shoutbox and i dont think every user will poste his question there (and if they do moderators has somenthing to do again sorry raylee ) we could make a test for a week and if its running good we can choose but to say before it begin it will be this and this we cannot know it without trying it i just say that for more activity on board. (hope i say everything understandable)
  5. iMeleys

    [Closed] Shoutbox

    (i hope my english is not so bad today) I Know this is only a Feature for Premium Users like me but.. its so empty in the last time ! and i know that much users are here online at this moment it would be realy realy great if the Adminstration open it for everyone (Just for a 1 week test) and if its good and more users chatting with each other (and we can link a message above that problems have nothing to search there) We can let the Shoutbox open for everyone and its a solution for more activity and i hope the admins have a heart this time and giving me right and do this for me and the others And if its not a Solution i could open for everyone here a Discord Server with bots and the Moderators here get there rights and the Admins too its only for having more Fun here ! its good for everyone ! Sincerly Meleys @DevChuckNorris @.PolluX
  6. Yeah Hearing right i search for Abilitys that Users could set an Korean-Name via Client maybe over a active Keyboard in Korean-Language that we could activate (just as a option) but maybe its a problem because the Database has a Latin1 Encoding not EUC-KR.
  7. iMeleys

    sash and pet scale problem

    Problem is in EterGrnLib/ThingsInstance.cpp on "OnDeform()" and on "DeformNoSkin()" Take a look over - (But u also have to rewrite another peace of code to make theese 2 systems work together) Sincerly Meleys
  8. iMeleys

    solved [WEIRD] LC_TEXT Korean Line Error

    i install notepad 5.7 to have the right encoding now but if my .cpp files inside the branch allready have the wrong encoding what i should do now.
  9. What is the Problem? So first i wanna say theres no SYSERR no Debuglog Informations about the Problem.. if im drop items out of my invetory or pick some items up from the Ground the System says me (and before i change all the LC_Text Informations inside the Game Branch i ask the Community) Maybe someone allready know that problem i have no clue where it could be come from... i remove some Text from AsyncSQL that the localhost (reconnect) Information dont appear everytime.
  10. iMeleys

    solved VS19 (v142) Binary build problem

    uwu , i will compile my branch also with vs2019 in a few minutes. thanks for the idea
  11. iMeleys

    Rubinum s1/s2 wiki

    i hope you dont plan to reopen rubinum.. (make your own concept) if u realy wanna do it.. you will see bad reactions if u open a copy of it i say that to you. Meleys
  12. Hey Community I have the Plan to implantate the Official Pet System with Evolutions but the problem is my sash system use the same code for the scale and theese code of this two systems "bite each other".. so i hope someone can help me out by this. maybe someone have allready do that and know this problem i would be very thankfully ! Meleys
  13. iMeleys

    Chat Clear Button

    Nice little Feature and dont be a sardist to the poor Uriel he also have Feelings
  14. iMeleys

    open [PAY]Error SpawnMob