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  1. lastone122

    open TiTle System ByVegas

    locale_inc.h in your binary > #define ENABLE_TITLE_SYSTEM
  2. lastone122

    solved problem with maps

  3. lastone122

    open Where to start practicing

    Use things compatible with 40k core . Yes buy vps or if you want to run server just for fun you dont need to. You can download some clean sf and then edit it as you want however it is the best way how to run server
  4. lastone122

    Gameforge sucks

    I kinda understand that gf is fighting against p servers. Imagine you develop game sized of metin2 with large community and stable business. You would not be happy if someone came and stole all of your files and made money on it. Even if you were a publisher . I am not defending them btw. The way they are solving things they made incorrectly in past is soo wrong.
  5. lastone122


    @Dobrescu Sebastian lol man u deserve nobel prize for this. Thanks a lot
  6. Have you tried in design table to tick field not null at column name?
  7. lastone122

    open 10 seconds delay in logout and change char

    Yes it has something to do with proper data saving to db ( if im not right correct me) but i saw it on rubinum and some other servers you can logout and swap char instantly . So there is way how to do it but i know only basics of cpp >.<
  8. Hello guys does anyone know what exactly is the purpose of 10 seconds delay in logout or change character? And file where i can remove it ?
  9. lastone122


    0626 10:22:15289 :: expected an indented block In python. Be careful with tabs.
  10. lastone122

    open Compilation problem

    i cant see cpp file
  11. lastone122

    solved dungeon call function d.notice, notice

    solved thanks
  12. lastone122

    solved dungeon call function d.notice, notice

    this is not the whole quest . But thanks anyway i will try.
  13. Hello guys im writing a dungeon but im stuck at calling function d.notice. In this case the function works when kill with npc.get_race() == 8129 begin notice(legios._notice_dungeon_) -- says 5 sec until teleport timer("legios_orc_run_timer", 5) But here when i am lately calling this function it does not appear also i am running test server and it doesnt show me any error. ( tried only notice, didnt work ) when legios_orc_run_timer.timer with pc.get_map_index() == 4 begin d.new_jump_all(4, 1378, 66) d.regen_file("data/dungeon/legios_orc_run/legios_first_floor.txt") d.notice(legios._notice_dungeon_first_) Can someone explain me how does it work and why it doesnt appear? Regens etc are working properly.
  14. lastone122

    New to metin2 servers.

    if you are interested i know about some romanian ones.