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  1. tierrilopes

    open Freebsd

    Show output of: ping ping google.com ifconfig
  2. tierrilopes

    Why you shouldn't buy anything from "Metin2 developers..."

    Randomly saw 'offline shop' there. I guess its offline shop with duplicated functions (because pro developers copypaste instead of using builtin stuff) and without cache like the two main ones that are used. P.S: always ask for sauce with the kebab, tastes better
  3. tierrilopes

    open Python Script [HELP ME PLEASE]

    So you want help to flood a server...
  4. tierrilopes

    open OX EVENT

    How i did it: The questions on the oxquix at serverfiles are in english; When the client is in a language other then english (i got PT and DE besides english), it uses a file inside the locale (translate_ox.txt) to match the incoming question and display the translated one instead. Example: Ox selects the following question: Is the sky blue? People with the client in english will see: Is the sky blue? People with the client in PT will see (client checks the translate file) O céu é azul? People with the client in DE will see (client checks the translate file) Ist der himmel blau? Probably it would be simpler and faster to translate with multiple oxquiz like you do with multilanguage quests, but i did it that way. _____ For the random, you got your answers above already
  5. tierrilopes

    open Compile client source with vs2015

    i dont have that installed, but did you try to revert the alteration for non-c11 given and re-implement the code as it is on the tutorial?
  6. tierrilopes

    open Mysql denies to connect to homepage

    service ipfw stop or service pf stop PM if still unsolved by the time you read this
  7. tierrilopes

    open Compile client source with vs2015

    Never saw that one before actually Already defined or declared, perhaps some old code in your source that now exists in windows libraries already? I guess that pythoncore is for static python, try compiling it outside of your binary solution (no references to it or custom build steps), then place the lib in your lib folder and compile your binary source normally.
  8. tierrilopes

    open Mysql denies to connect to homepage

    Make a test account and connect to it on your pc. If your pc connects to it, then your site is misconfigured (most likely) OR host of website is blocking port 3306 (unlikely) ___________________________________________________________________ If your pc can not connect to it, the user you're using doesnt have permission to access remotly ( % ) OR Your ipfw / pf of the database host is blocking the port. I assume (by the remote in your first comment) website is hosted somewhere else then the database, if thats not the case write it here.
  9. tierrilopes

    open Compile client source with vs2015

    Right-click "Solution 'Metin2Client_VC90' (16 projects)" Retarget solution Ok
  10. tierrilopes

    open c++11 compiler

    I recommend that you use the latest visualstudio (2017). Before metin2client, compile libjpeg, boost, lzo and while you're at it make your own python lib.
  11. tierrilopes

    3rd Part Libraries List

    What I meant was, themida isn't needed as it's implementation can't even be considered a implementation. That's why I said it doesn't fit the category, plus the scope of it is different from those libs. Those are needed (well, I used vanilla libjpeg instead of turbo for example but you get the point) while themida isn't. TL;DR: I consider themida an add-on and not a requirement
  12. tierrilopes

    3rd Part Libraries List

    You added libs used in metin2 sources. Themida doesnt fit that category
  13. tierrilopes

    3rd Part Libraries List

    Not sure how Themida fits in the category.
  14. tierrilopes

    What OS you ran your server on?

    Would just like to say that Dragonflybsd was worse in almost every benchmark when compared to freebsd vanilla 12, and when it was better was by a really small margin. So i'd say dont use those non-sense failure forks, use the real thing.