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  1. tierrilopes

    open Argument at c# starter

    Client executable: if (strstr(GetCommandLineA(), "--argument") == nullptr) { exit(0);} C# patcher: Process.Start("metin2client.exe", "--argument"); #if issues, remove both -- from here
  2. tierrilopes

    [Preview] Shield System

    Thats a real cool feature indeed, keep it going
  3. tierrilopes

    open Block Country Ips

    So you can get a list of cidrs for a given country and add them to IPFW: Get lists here: https://www.ipdeny.com/ipblocks/data/countries/XX.zone Where XX is the two digit country code, for example: https://www.ipdeny.com/ipblocks/data/countries/fr.zone You can manualy paste those into your table, or make a batch to do it for you. Using that example it will be something like: ipfw -q table BLOCKED add ipfw -q table BLOCKED add etc Considering your table is named BLOCKED.
  4. tierrilopes

    Anti cheat system

    Protect a dummy client, put it on the cheapest vps you can find and provide some accounts (user1 pass / user2 pass and such) and put download here. Im sure someone will review it after.
  5. tierrilopes

    [Visual Mod] Dogs

    Seems that there are issues understanding two simple phrases so let me make it easier: Npclist : npclist.txt dog mode : bark bark, 4 legs, fur years ago. : ancient visual mod : placebo
  6. tierrilopes

    [Visual Mod] Dogs

    Npclist based dog mode made some years ago. For other mobs, no science, just swap folder in front of the mob vnum into "stray_dog" and voilá. Dropbox
  7. tierrilopes

    open mysql security

    Sent discord
  8. tierrilopes

    open mysql security

    You can easilly do that on navicat for exemple, if you need help i can show you how
  9. tierrilopes

    open mysql security

    You check your queries to view what operations they do. Usually its just "Select, Insert, Update". But again, insert should only be in account.account and not the whole account.* for example. Same for other types, they should only access the exact table they need to, not the whole thing.
  10. tierrilopes

    c++ Clear Banned Player Data

    It leads to an issue. If you have a player named RIPBAN1 and use your system, the person can make another account and reuse the character name "RIPBAN1". If you say the player RIPBAN1 was banned, do your cleaning, have someone else/the banned person make another char called RIPBAN1, you will have hate upon you saying its "corruption" and that the player "was not banned at all" and all of that stuff comming from cry babies players. Maybe you could delete all, except the player.player itself, so that that character name is not re-usable. You could also clean from player.affect
  11. tierrilopes

    open When you exit the game, mount continues ?

    You wanna know if the mount time continues to decrease even if you are logged off? It depends, as both options are available. The time of the mount can decrease only if its being used or it can count even if character is offline. Post here the corresponding mount proto line and you will be informed about it.
  12. tierrilopes

    ah shit here we go again

    First i though this was a joke, then i tried it. I changed my life, from a low salary with a rented house i passed to making several thousands per month and now own a mansion. I advise everyone to do it, it was a lifechanging experience and everyone can do it! Buy my ebook bellow to know more: https://metin2lifehacks.com/profit.php
  13. tierrilopes

    ah shit here we go again

    Sorry i dont know if you are a reseller, you must be a costume for longer then 7 days for me to sell you something But i dont accept new costumers I also dont have old customers. Jokes aside: The first time i did start to remove it some years ago ( passpod, billing, sms, ischina, and all that kind of crap) it was a boring wok, always something i had forgot and had to return and re-check. But after it was done everything was just better, specially my brain not yelling at me "this is total garbage", it was just garbage, so it improved. Most people just copy-paste stuff and dont even bother reading. Even if they didnt knew anything about programming...its english for god sake, just read it and you will understand at least something. If you write "clean source with metin2 systems 2019", most people will download, use and brag about having the best source of files. On topic: Just another kid that doesnt want to work in real life or has some kind of mental disability derived from lack of love in its childhood, where he got mocked in metin2 for having a shitty 6%dm fms. For those, trolling them its the best.
  14. tierrilopes

    ah shit here we go again

    Taking advantage of the post above, i will clean sources from death chinese code for only 199.99€. PROMOTION 99.99€ ... Another promotion because service is now celebrating its 30s aniversary: 49.99€ ... To celebrate 1 minute of the service, buy now for only: 19.99€ ... 2 Minutes has passed and a special offer is now available: I will clean your code and give you 149.99€
  15. tierrilopes

    ah shit here we go again

    I was hoping to see a majestic html design with it, i got disapointed