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  1. tierrilopes

    open Cleaning my DB and maybe Game

    Some stuff to clean your db: TRUNCATE TABLE account.account; TRUNCATE TABLE common.gmlist; TRUNCATE TABLE log.attr_transfer; TRUNCATE TABLE log.bootlog; TRUNCATE TABLE log.change_name; TRUNCATE TABLE log.command_log; TRUNCATE TABLE log.cube; TRUNCATE TABLE log.dragon_slay_log; TRUNCATE TABLE log.dragonlair_dungeon; TRUNCATE TABLE log.exo_bank_log; TRUNCATE TABLE log.fish_log; TRUNCATE TABLE log.gmhost; TRUNCATE TABLE log.gmlist; TRUNCATE TABLE log.goldlog; TRUNCATE TABLE log.hack_crc_log; TRUNCATE TABLE log.hack_log; TRUNCATE TABLE log.ingame_ban_log; TRUNCATE TABLE log.levellog; TRUNCATE TABLE log.locale; TRUNCATE TABLE log.locale_bug; TRUNCATE TABLE log.log; TRUNCATE TABLE log.loginlog; TRUNCATE TABLE log.loginlog2; TRUNCATE TABLE log.meley_dungeon; TRUNCATE TABLE log.money_log; TRUNCATE TABLE log.okay_event; TRUNCATE TABLE log.pcbang_loginlog; TRUNCATE TABLE log.quest_reward_log; TRUNCATE TABLE log.refinelog; TRUNCATE TABLE log.sash; TRUNCATE TABLE log.shout_log; TRUNCATE TABLE log.speed_hack; TRUNCATE TABLE log.voucher_log; TRUNCATE TABLE log.whisper_log; TRUNCATE TABLE player.affect; TRUNCATE TABLE player.guild; TRUNCATE TABLE player.guild_comment; TRUNCATE TABLE player.guild_grade; TRUNCATE TABLE player.guild_member; TRUNCATE TABLE player.guild_war; TRUNCATE TABLE player.guild_war_bet; TRUNCATE TABLE player.guild_war_reservation; TRUNCATE TABLE player.horse_name; TRUNCATE TABLE player.item; TRUNCATE TABLE player.item_award; TRUNCATE TABLE player.marriage; TRUNCATE TABLE player.messenger_list; TRUNCATE TABLE player.player; TRUNCATE TABLE player.player_deleted; TRUNCATE TABLE player.player_index; TRUNCATE TABLE; TRUNCATE TABLE player.safebox; Your log tables may differ.
  2. tierrilopes

    CH3HP DDoS

    If someone get affected by "ddos" from "cheap", i advice you to quit playing with servers, you understand a big 0. Meanwhile, lets wait to see what other great design he will provide us. Better design = better protection, everyone knows it
  3. tierrilopes

    [RLS]Improving: Loading about players

    Indeed, everyone can copy-paste shitcode, because shitcode is not real code.
  4. tierrilopes

    CH3HP DDoS

    Oh boy, maybe he got another counter design now Buy now or else!
  5. tierrilopes

    Gameforge sucks

    Yes, rubinum bought the license and is now an official server. Let me present it to you in the image bellow:
  6. tierrilopes

    Online status in PM idea

    This is why gameforge sends dmcas.
  7. tierrilopes

    solved Maintaince Question - "with release in it"

    ahah wasnt my intention to be mean or something like that, sorry if you understood it that way. most of time im on phone and i just write fast and send
  8. tierrilopes

    solved Maintaince Question - "with release in it"

    Just lock the accounts. 3k account, thats less then 2 seconds to update all to lock the account in database and done. No need to make shitty systems or quests for something that simple.
  9. tierrilopes

    [RLS]Improving: Loading about players

    I make you responsible for future hate i will receive and i will forward my hospital bill to you. _____________________ Copy-pasted: Open EterLib/ResourceManager.cpp and edit those: int g_iLoadingDelayTime = 1; const long c_Deleting_Wait_Time = 3600000*4; // 3600000 = 1 h const long c_DeletingCountPerFrame = 1; const long c_Reference_Decrease_Wait_Time = 3600000*4; // 3600000 = 1 h Search void CResourceManager::__DestroyCacheMap() and inside of it comment this //m_pCacheMap.clear(); Search in UserInterface\PythonCharacterManagerModule.cpp PyObject * chrmgrRegisterMotionData(PyObject* poSelf, PyObject* poArgs) Under CGraphicThing* pkMotionThing = pRaceData->RegisterMotionData(iMode, iMotion, c_szFullFileName, iWeight); Add if (pkMotionThing) { CResourceManager::Instance().LoadStaticCache(pkMotionThing->GetFileName()); //TraceError(pkMotionThing->GetFileName()); } Search for from GameLib\RaceData.cpp void CRaceData::RegisterMotionMode(WORD wMotionModeIndex) Comment this //pMotionModeData->MotionVectorMap.clear();
  10. tierrilopes

    Dear Gameforge

    Please stop with this crap. They're in their damn right, acting like a big cry baby like you're acting right now only gives them more reason and shames everyone who works on private servers for the fun and because they want to enhance the game. Being straight honest, im even glad gameforge does something like this. Most of pserver community is literally garbage. Only kids making servers to get some summer/christmas money, so would be a bless to have them all closed. People who like the game will continue to work and develop it no matter what. You can not blame gameforge for everything wrong with the game, after all they're a publisher, not the game developers.
  11. tierrilopes

    solved [WEIRD] LC_TEXT Korean Line Error

    Notepad, settings, preferences, others, disable auto encoding detection.
  12. tierrilopes

    Chat Clear Button

    Small but good improvements, that once you see them they are a "must have". This is what i call improving the game.
  13. tierrilopes

    open Desperate times...

    The fact you see most of stuff made with freebsd 9.3 its because it was the newest version at the time. amd64 requires a bit more work, i suggest you go with default i386. You can compile and use it in newest freebsd versions aswell, and that will probably keep being true. Software for source + test server: gmake makedepend gcc/clang python mysqlXX-server Depending on what source you use, you may also need to install: libjpeg boost-libs python google-test
  14. tierrilopes

    EterNexus Src

    Sent you discord, i will explain better there with screens
  15. tierrilopes

    [SRC] Vanilla Core [latest: r71480]

    Things didnt changed, they are the same as they have always been. Everything related to private servers is illegal, be it metin2 or any other game.