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  1. Hi, we are searching for translation from English to German, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, French, Hungarian. (Web translation) + we are searching for someone who can create server presentation for us. We will send you screenshots, GIFs and text. Contact me here or on Discord: Shiva#9301 Here is link on GIFs from our server, it is NOT presentation (70MB):
  2. shiva

    [Searching] Trailer

    Hi, we are searching for creator of trailers. As fast as possible! Please send me links of your previous jobs/creations to messages. If you can recommend someone you know, please send me their contact info! Thank you! Here is link on GIFs from our server, it is NOT presentation (70MB):
  3. shiva

    open Lua return from select

    I have simple rule... NEVER use goto... It is Pandora's box But thank you.
  4. shiva

    open Lua return from select

    Thank you. I was hoping i can do it with some "simple" return thing. But I will try your recommendation.
  5. Hi! If you are YouTuber, Twitch streamer or if you can share our presentation/trailer on FB pages, contact us. We are searching for advertisement from Germany, Poland, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Portugal, France. Contact me here on metin2dev or on FB, Discord or add me on Discord: Shiva#9301 FB: Discord: We are finishing our international private server Imperus! We created a lot fo interesting systems. Server presentation will be finished in +- 1 week. Game will be fully translated to Czech, English, German, Polish. Other languages will be 80% translated with 20% of English. Here is link on GIFs from our server, it is NOT presentation (70MB): For more informations contact me! Have a nice day!
  6. Hi, I'm doing quest for NPC and i have select for weapons.... In this select i have "Swords" "Daggers" and so on.... In "Swords" i have "Swords 1", "Swords 2", "Swords 3". When I'm in sword selection and I click on "Close", I want the quest to go back to "Weapon selection", which means 1 step "select" back... I tried return, but it is not working and the whole quest closes.... Do you know how to do it? Thank you!