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  1. @Heathcliff™ It will working good! As you said, there are some NPCs that pass through, and some NPCs can't pass through, but this is fine, because the players can't pass through, this is the best! Thank you for your answer Best wishes to you!
  2. @Heathcliff™ Thank you for answering! ActorInstanceCollisionDetection.cpp
  3. @Heathcliff™,not only safezone,it happens anywhere XD··
  4. Hi!Devs, my client, Player through the body, like pictures, I don't want them to be traversed, unstoppable, this is an inexplicable mistake, where should I change it? Thank you for your answer The best wishes for you~
  5. @displayjokes,thank you! You are right! Bool bDropInventory = r.iInventoryPct >= number(1, 1000); Bool bDropEquipment = r.iEquipmentPct >= number(1, 2000); Bool bDropAntiDropUniqueItem = false; change---- Bool bDropInventory = r.iInventoryPct >= number(1, 10); Bool bDropEquipment = r.iEquipmentPct >= number(1, 20); Bool bDropAntiDropUniqueItem = false; It works very well now! It is what I want! Thank you again for your help! The best wishes for you~
  6. void CHARACTER::ItemDropPenalty(LPCHARACTER pkKiller) { // 俺牢惑痢阑 楷 惑怕俊辑绰 酒捞袍阑 靛酚窍瘤 臼绰促. if (GetMyShop()) return; if (GetLevel() < 50) return; if (CBattleArena::instance().IsBattleArenaMap(GetMapIndex()) == true) { return; }
  7. @displayjokes,yes, if (GetGMLevel() == GM_PLAYER || test_server) { // ItemDropPenalty(pkKiller); // Don't drop thing's when you have negative rank } It was disabled, I enabled it, the weapons and armor and jewelry I was using, there was a certain chance that it would fall, but the items would not, what else do I need to do? Thank you for your answer
  8. Hello! Developers... When I am a normal player, my alignment=-20000, I become a red name, but when I am killed, I will not drop weapons and armor and anything, this is not normal, how can I modify it? Thank you for your answer The best wishes for you~
  9. @Johnny69,Thank you, sir! You are very correct! Thank you for your answer! The best wishes for you~ I lowered the gem success rate, a reasonable number.... Thank you for your answer!
  10. Torres


    To achieve a starting level of >1 (assuming Lv30 here), we usually use these two methods: 1. Use quest to complete, when the new player enters the game for the first time, we give him the experience required for level 30; 2. In mysql-common--exp_table, set the experience value of 1-30 to 1, so that he only needs to kill a monster to level 30;
  11. Hi, developers, weapons set with gems (stone code = 28533), success rate %, where should this be adjusted and set? Thank you for your answer Best wishes to you
  12. Hi,Devs,When I use the "/IN" command, the GM image logo cannot be hidden and the player character can still be seen! How should I fix it? Thank you for your answer! Best wishes to you!
  13. Torres


    mysql-player-item_proto table Set up, save, GM in the game, "/RELOAD P" command, then equip your weapon, the bonus will take effect If you want to see these bonuses, you must epk - locale_xx Bonus code: 1 MAX_HP 2 MAX_SP 3 CON 4 INT 5 STR 6 DEX 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。
  14. Hi,devs,this is title_system,I want move position, Left-right-up-down, Because the words in our country are special, Thank you for your answer Best wishes to you. . .