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  1. Target_Information_System is done,thank you @xGenessis(Dalí)
  2. Torres

    open Pet/Mount Like Horse Not Following Player

    Dear friend, although I can't provide you with specific code guidance, if you need a comparison file, I can send it to you, because my pet is following me!
  3. Eastern origin electronic sound,Hope you enjoy it!
  4. hey guys , I have some ideas to coding , but I dont know how to debug the code (C/py) , pls help me , how to do that ? like as print/echo etc...
  5. Someone can install it for me or sell me an improved version. I'm willing to pay for technology and knowledge. Thank you, devs.
  6. Torres

    solved Pet No skill

    @enisina, Thank you for your answer, it really works! Best wishes to you!My friend!
  7. @LordZiege,thank you,man ·I try The 11th @displayjokes thank you,I Reply to you
  8. @Fernando,yes,man,but,I install it ,can't work,I think my skills are not good!So I'm looking for a developer to help me install or improve Thank you for your answer
  9. Torres

    solved Pet No skill

    @enisina,thank you ~ Oh, my god. I'm going to kill the monster and upgrade to LV83. It's hard @enisina,thank you ~ Oh, my god. I'm going to kill the monster and upgrade to LV83. It's hard
  10. Torres

    solved Pet No skill

    HI developers, my pet system skills are not working, I tried to search here, there is no solution Please give me some directions Thank you for your answer! Best wishes to you~
  11. Torres

    open Problem !!!!!

    Your question text fails to express your meaning, and your picture cannot be seen. I think the first thing you should do before you ask for help is make it clear what your problem is. And show it to people, and it will help you
  12. Torres

    open Thief glove - ingame time

    I am also looking for this method, let us wait for the master to answer, cheers ~
  13. Torres

    open Error costume weapon

    If your fashion system is not wrong! So in Mysql, item_proto@player, you first have to make sure that your fashion, type field =28, subtype=4, In the game /reload p, try to equip weapons fashion!
  14. Torres

    open how i can edit this ?

    I can't see your picture, so I don't know what you want to express.
  15. Torres

    Nightmare dungeon

    plechito',I traded with him, a reliable man!Trustworthy and recommended!He is always so careful and perfect in solving problems, 3D, dungeon NO.1