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  1. hello,devs,My server has some errors, including packaged files, skill errors, display errors, and some inexplicable errors. I want to ask you to solve him. I am willing to pay 100 Euros. If you are interested, please PM me; if you have Recommended by the right person, please tell me his contact information, the best wishes for you! Thank you for answering~
  2. If you want to display Chinese correctly, you have to use locale_newcibn or locale_cibn10, In locale_game: UI_DEF_FONT 宋体:12 UI_DEF_FONT_LARGE 宋体:14 UI_DEF_FONT_SMALL 宋体:9 Code 936, character set gb2312 If you want to display both Chinese and English, this scheme is the best. This is my screenshot
  3. thank you,I try, delete it There were other mistakes thank you! It's work now!,Thank you for your answer and help~
  4. hello,devs, Thank you for your answer. Thank you Best wishes
  5. Hi, Devs This error occurred when I tried to change locale_de. Epk to locale_newcibn.epk I've also added NEWCIBN_PASSPOD_BOARD to locale_game.txt, The error is still there. Please tell me what I should do Thank you for your answer Best wishes 0609 00:26:01039 :: __LoadScript GetChild LoginWindow.__LoadScript.BindObject - exceptions.KeyError:NEWCIBN_PASSPOD_BOARD 0609 00:26:01039 :: ============================================================================================================ 0609 00:26:01039 :: Abort!!!!
  6. Torres

    [RELEASE] Various Fixes #PART3

    @WeedHex support
  7. Torres

    open question about c++

    @VegaS™ What a nice guy
  8. Torres

    open Refining ore stackable bug

    you just setting the itemproto ,flag =0, and repack locale_en
  9. Torres

    open Help window

    Archiver\Client\uiscript\uiscript you can find some clues`
  10. @Sherer , thank you help me~!!WQJEVI6I!KPz7C-_SY78GIxNevjhku0-jxnE0d2jEDcm0gq1wvkk this is my uitooltip``
  11. if chr.IsGameMaster(player.GetMainCharacterIndex()): self.AutoAppendTextLine("[vnum:%d]" % itemVnum, ToolTip.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR2) @Sherer,thank you ! I try,but can't center
  12. Hello, everyone. I turned on the function of G M to view the item code, which is very convenient to test. You know, Just to show that there's a little bit of a problem, I just added two lines of code in UI old tip, Some displays are normal, such as weapons, pets, potions, and skill books But other cannot be centered, where should I adjust excuse me? Best wishes, thank you if chr.IsGameMaster(player.GetMainCharacterIndex()): self.AppendTextLine("[Vnum: %d]" % itemVnum, ToolTip.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR2)
  13. Src&Binary\Srcs_CLIENT_OFFICIAL\Srcs\Client\UserInterface\InstanceBase.cpp This is crucial. Thank you!@yagokurt -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the two files of game source, I found the case 20114 related to mount: copy the monster number corresponding to the new mount, It didn't work, but I followed @yagokurt, got client in vs2013, and my mounts can attack!Thanks again! source\game\char_battle source\game\char_skill