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  1. Hello, im looking for someone who can 1.fix country and empire flag by Vegas 2.pvp icons  3.AUCTION HOUSE *if item time expired item going to mailbox if item boughted item going to mailbox if item canceled item going to mailbox...... for more informations msg me Thanks
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    Hello, how i can colored monster name different by level? player level > mob.level = color white mob.level > player.level = color green
  3. Hello, how i can create new function Like getName() but i need function player->test as value, and account->test as string getPlayerTest() getAccountTest()
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    open Need Pet Bambi and others

    Hello, someone who have mob_proto with them pets and others please post thanks
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    open Need Pet Bambi and others

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    open Need Pet Bambi and others

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    open solved

    solved, i fixed in other way
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    open solved

  9. Hello, how i can change etc_drop_item load by name to load by vnum? i found const int FILE_NAME_LEN = 256;
  10. doesn't work 16>PythonItemModule.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: unsigned char __thiscall CItemData::GetMaskType(void)const " (?GetMaskType@CItemData@@QBEEXZ) 16>PythonItemModule.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: unsigned char __thiscall CItemData::GetMaskSubType(void)const " (?GetMaskSubType@CItemData@@QBEEXZ)
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    Hello, i have a small job, i need only server side item_proto and mob_proto. what you need to-do: make client(binary) side work with server side to get the mob_proto from MySQL database. thats all. if you can do this, please contact with me there via pm. Please also include price
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    open Dump_Proto limit 37 arType

    Hello, i have a problem with fix this limit can anyone help me? because ITEM_MEDIUM and ITEM_SOUL doesn't load int get_Item_Type_Value(string inputString) { string arType[] = {"ITEM_NONE", "ITEM_WEAPON", "ITEM_ARMOR", "ITEM_USE", "ITEM_AUTOUSE", "ITEM_MATERIAL", "ITEM_SPECIAL", "ITEM_TOOL", "ITEM_LOTTERY", "ITEM_ELK", //10개 "ITEM_METIN", "ITEM_CONTAINER", "ITEM_FISH", "ITEM_ROD", "ITEM_RESOURCE", "ITEM_CAMPFIRE", "ITEM_UNIQUE", "ITEM_SKILLBOOK", "ITEM_QUEST", "ITEM_POLYMORPH", //20개 "ITEM_TREASURE_BOX", "ITEM_TREASURE_KEY", "ITEM_SKILLFORGET", "ITEM_GIFTBOX", "ITEM_PICK", "ITEM_HAIR", "ITEM_TOTEM", "ITEM_BLEND", "ITEM_COSTUME", "ITEM_DS", //30개 "ITEM_SPECIAL_DS", "ITEM_EXTRACT", "ITEM_SECONDARY_COIN", //33개 "ITEM_RING", "ITEM_BELT", //35개 (EItemTypes 값으로 치면 34) "ITEM_PET", //36 "ITEM_GACHA", "ITEM_MEDIUM", //38 "ITEM_SOUL", }; int retInt = -1; //cout << "Type : " << typeStr << " -> "; for (int j=0;j<sizeof(arType)/sizeof(arType[0]);j++) { string tempString = arType[j]; if (inputString.find(tempString)!=string::npos && tempString.find(inputString)!=string::npos) { //cout << j << " "; retInt = j; break; } } //cout << endl; return retInt; }
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    They use and have problems with hacks. At like tibia you can't use any damage or another bug to hit more because everything load from server side. And i want reach the same goal. Btw. When monster hit you or you hit monster = dos your db.
  14. Hello, why new .Epk and Epx is broken? broken: metin2_patch_dragon_rock_mobs .... .... and more can someone explain why? and some idea how i can fix it and load without probloms as like official GameForge metin2.
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    im not sure it will really dos my db, check another games like tibia, they have items on serverside and there no dos.
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    open Need Official Root Files

    Hello, can someone send to me official root files?
  17. Traceur3RUN

    open Need Official Root Files

    i understand it, but there no newest version than this [M2] BR Python core ? when i try use this BR Python core root files i got "split" error so its broken and one more question how and where i can get these files if not cythonized?
  18. Hello, i compile dump_proto from source and can compile, but now how i can decompile item_proto
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    open Need Official Root Files

  20. Hello, i have a problem because skill Healing doesn't work when i use it. It give me 0 hp Syslog: USE_SKILL: 109 pkVictim 0x0
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    open [Shaman]Bug Heal Skill USE_SKILL: 109 pkVictim 0x0

    When i add SELFONLY on skill 109, healing working only on SELFONLY but if i remove SELFONLY i don't get any health from skill. Can someone fix it?
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    python [Py] Root 02.02.2018

    these files ale broken, Error "split"
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    [C++] Party flag

    there no flag -> ATTACK_SLOW in source so it mean SLOW, not ATTACK_SLOW im right?