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  1. lambda

    open Metin2 Python Sqlite3 Module

    That requires proper python libs in your client. I would suggest you do that in c++ and probably without SQLite, because there's no reason to. Add them to a vector, save/load the vector data (encrypted), store pm's in separate files (subdirectory) for each character.
  2. lambda

    open gcc output flag ?

    TARGET = /your/path/game default: $(TARGET) $(TARGET): .... @echo linking $(TARGET).... @$(linker)....... -o $(TARGET) You are searching for the -o (output) argument. No need to remove the old file, that's not windows, files are loaded in the ram without write locks
  3. lambda

    CH3HP DDoS

    Because he semi-helped you, he didn't fixed it for you, adding a simple rule and explaining it to you, doesn't fix your ddos, 100% not. That's just hitting on a small chunk of zobies who send connections too fast like 10 logins in 3 seconds... You can fix that with such a rule ofc, but what if 5000 zombies login 1x per 10 second, how'r u gonna detect it with a stupid firewall rule? (! Without fucking your players!) As of your Discord-News, your server got problems even after that. Anyway in earlier conversations with him he asked if I know Cytax, he probably asked everyone that, after declining, he tells you that he's the super pro hacker ddos guy. (Same thing, getting blackmailed or scammed, one or the other thing) Don't fall for that kiddo, he got doxed and ofc somewhen he's getting a new identity. Here 2 PayPal emails from "his friend" ... if someone wants money from you and that's the recipient, don't do it.