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  1. in self.SetPosition for self.SetPosition(5, wndMgr.GetScreenHeight() - 500)
  2. Is it possible a system where after calling the pet once, while the function is activated, whenever it dies, teleport etc the pet is called automatically?
  3. Klaus

    open Summon Monsters Near Block/Walls

    You can only summon a monster at a coordinate that can kill / hit you, if it is within the village or in a location that cannot be hit, it does not come. It is a safety of the game itself, but useless, because if you release nearby monster, it ends up going after the characters.
  4. Someone who has and can share, Switchbot the same as the photo?
  5. Klaus

    [RLS]Improving: Loading about players

    Has anyone deployed and check for long term viability who can talk about?
  6. Klaus

    open regulate the "damage pakets"

    I was looking for that too, but I had some complications, I believe they can help you, if the player has any delay while knocking, he is disconnected. Ideally, check whether this 4 damage situation always occurs or just an isolated case! (If you get something, please share it!)
  7. Perfect! What is the difference between C ++ 17 and C ++ 2a?
  8. Klaus

    [RLS]Improving: Loading about players

    You can see a big difference in the "screen crashes", at least in a quick test! Thanks = D
  9. Klaus

    python Inventory System

  10. Hello! I saved a weapon in every possible way and even then it stays invisible inside the game, I have no problems with other weapons, could anyone help me? (I already made sure that granny is in the compatible version) Models:!9wtXlQZQ!-Gx1d09nMNAPNTQgBJTnjj1RLDjeVfe1XN7mcQKvc6s