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  1. sakincali58k9

    open Metin Stones

  2. sakincali58k9

    open Metin Stones

  3. sakincali58k9

    open Metin Stones

  4. sakincali58k9

    open Metin Stones

    Screen Shot; = (Old) (New) Problem; How can I close the gap between them?
  5. sakincali58k9

    open 5 items for enhance

    add me discord : in my mind#4516
  6. sakincali58k9

    open 5 items for enhance

    "SELECT id, cost, prob, vnum0, count0, vnum1, count1, vnum2, count2, vnum3, count3, vnum4, count4, vnum5, count5 FROM refine_proto%s",
  7. sakincali58k9

    c++ Metin2 - Refine Failed Message (GF-Like)

    thanks for share
  8. sakincali58k9

    open Wolfman Loading

    I have tried but still the same.
  9. sakincali58k9

    open Wolfman Loading

    input_login.cpp When I enter the wolfman character, the installation option freezes and what is the reason that such syser writes?
  10. sakincali58k9

    python Whisper Start Warning

    I corrected them but I forgot to add them to the topic.
  11. sakincali58k9

    python Whisper Start Warning

    Hi everyone. good uses. Link
  12. sakincali58k9

    New Weapon by HK-DEV

    Nice share my dude