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  1. Valentine

    Equipment BG with Talisman and Ring

  2. Valentine

    solved inventory buttons

    Im not take credit for anything, and i not found any topinc anywere, i have few resources in my mega cloud whit screens, and of the client had what i want. I specified that I don't know how to write that code my self, because I am a beginner but i learned few things, and i now how to take it from that client and put it in mine... Sorry that I left that impression, im not speaking eng very god.
  3. Valentine

    solved inventory buttons

    I figured out my self how to do it, thx anyway.
  4. Valentine

    solved inventory buttons

    I now where, but i don't realy now how to write the function, i'm looking for someone who new and want to help me, if want to help me... THX.
  5. Valentine

    solved inventory buttons

    Hello, can someone help me to change the inventory buttons this way? Srry for my bad eng.