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  1. doxiddos1

    open BSD PROBLEM

    doxi#1501 add discord i can try to help you
  2. doxiddos1

    c++ [RLS]Official Inventory Expansion

    would you like to share an full quide you kinda have to pick the code from here an there witch its messy allready
  3. I am glad to say that I made it work and I ran it on a serverfile succesfuly, we can keep the rest on discord ^.^ there will be a section from everything and we can stil keep it up till vanilla is back goatta work on the discord server what and how things going to be looking till now its a beta version unclean of unnecessary things witch I will take care of in the next version. don't forget to join the Discord server and have a chat call if you need any kind of help and so on.
  4. doxiddos1

    open Linker command failed

  5. i will come With a New one witch will have the r71480 release compilable so keep an eye on the post i am done compiling the db_r71480 and it compiles succesfuly
  6. Link VDI:!p6RFnYZR!nNVJWv2G1pL1yL8uoj-FuorpaD7JqcBxk2sQlMosnqM User: root Password: 123123 Discord support server: Commands: cd /vanillacore_llvm6/vanilla/Source/game/src && gmake cd /vanillacore_llvm6/vanilla/Source/db/src && gmake Thank to @niokio and @Vanilla
  7. Does anyone have and vdi or vmhdk anything With an fully working Compiler .. or the guide how to copile it cuz the ports i need to install Works and some doesn't cuz they have been deleted. Anything would be for good help sharing is carrying so be kind and lend me a hand. Edit: Fixed it and made a vdi for ya ! : For anything you need. and here is the VDI Link:!p6RFnYZR!nNVJWv2G1pL1yL8uoj-FuorpaD7JqcBxk2sQlMosnqM User: root Password: 123123 commands gmake in each also game/src and db/src Since no one wanted to share a pice of vdi ….