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  1. asdajdja

    open Coords convert

    Well the coordinates you have in db are global whereas the one in game are local (map). Try checking the coordinates against atlasinfo.txt it should be (global map coordinates + local coordinates = values in db) if this is true then all you have to do is write up map indexes with their global coordinates do some math against the coordinates from db and you have your plain local coords.
  3. asdajdja

    solved [PAYMENT HELP] Find skill error

    Why don't you just follow the syserr?
  4. asdajdja

    Free Icon Pack- 26 Equipment Icons

    "made" what did u make? some recolours and the rest is from a icon pack by kanzar.
  5. Well.. kind of. I bought offline shops for a double price because the person claimed it's a new version, the shops had several issues and weren't even tested properly. I asked the guy for fixes but he was no help, It took my developer a few days but he managed to fix the issues, it wasn't due to duplicated functions thought just shitty code in general. Had to rewrite quite a lot on client-side. Which is a bother, because I bought offline shops for the exact reason.. that I didn't want to waste time making them.. and in the end we still had to waste our time fixing his poor code. In general I'm not a person who buys stuff from other people, I like to know things, I like to know how something works, how to build it etc etc, but when I'm on a schedule its a simple exchange money for time, it's just a shame that in the end I lose money and lose time anyway.
  6. asdajdja

    open Granny version error

    I mean there obviously is a way to fix this, I remember having those "Chinese" errors when I first updated to granny 2.9.. I also had issues with some animations not working on NPCS (old lady and that Octavio guy) and I fixed that as well.. I just can't remember what I did since I've been like 4 years.. I would try converting the models first.... disabling syserr is not a good practice. @ReFresh what granny version do you actually use? 2.11.x or 2.9.x ??
  7. asdajdja

    open Granny version error

    Goood, It's been so long since I've seen this error. If I remember correctly you have to convert all the .gr2 files into new format.
  8. asdajdja

    Looking for an object.

    I found it, sorry for the bother.. I had it on my USB drive with Objects. but I'm still looking for a in-game regen creator if anyone has it.
  9. asdajdja

    Looking for an object.

    Hello guys I'm looking for an object, I have it on my PC but i'm missing the textures, so if anyone got either the textures or the whole thing that would be appreciated.
  10. asdajdja

    solved Old error with sound

    First time I'm seeing this bug and I don't have this on my server (just checked)
  11. Well, the problem is that people who sell code they don't sell code that is actually developed they just sell code that they wrote on their source, but you know the thing with source is that you can change anything and when I buy a system from someone and I have a different function in my source then he has he should have a look and be like "huh ok this function is causing the problem, let's see what we can do about it" and not be like "this work's on my server". When i pay someone over 700 bucks for a system/s that after implementation is not working properly because there is some sort of mismatch in functions,code or whatever he should know how to diagnosis this, he should know what is is what.. I didn't write the code yet me and my team always have to fix up others people shit because they just don't care, they already got the money they don't need to do anything... Worst case scenario you will get a -rep from someone on your thread which is no like anyone cares about it anyway, if someone will need to buy something he will buy it regardless of what other people say. I bought systems that I had to buy, because it was just too time consuming to write them (like offline shops) and then testing, finding out all the bugs etc etc. but now I'm thinking what is the point when after buying such system I still have to go review the code, find the errors and change then fix them.. When I pay for a system and expect it to be working on my server/machine not on your private or someone else's machine. I'm not saying all devs are shit, but from my experience they mostly are.. all the systems are bought so far came with bugs, all the bugs had to be fixed by me and my team.. and the only outside help I've ever gotten was from @IceShiva (I'm literally gonna tag him because he deserves it), even thought he doesn't work much with Metin2 anymore he still helped me more than people I bought systems from.. People are just not interested in developing/fixing their code as long as it works for them and it can be sold.
  12. Hello, this is a little bit of a rant but I'm so sick and tired of Metin2 "developers" community. I came back to Metin2 about 4 months ago and since I have made a few purchases from "developers" I'm not gonna be throwing any names, as my point isn't to be shaming anyone but... it is kind of ridiculous. This year bought stuff from 4 different "developers" and spent more than $1000 on it.. and................ not once I've got a support from anyone. Whenever the was an issue, either with the code itself or just something else that wasn't working properly along side the code.. every single "MT2 Developer" i had bought stuff from had the same approach.. "It work's for for me." "It work's for everyone else." "I don't help with implementation" "$$ for fix" or they will just blank you and never respond... after getting the $$$ This is ridiculous you know I worked on a couple of games and this is first time I'm seeing such a shitty community, everyone is a money grabber, half of the time i have to make changes in code.. In someone else fucking code with some variables written in another language, this just makes me sick to my stomach please don't call yourself developers if you don't develop anything you just wrote useless code that you can only implement on your source files.. and whenever you need to change/adjust something you can't even do that. It's absolutely disgusting, I'm very seriously starting to think I'm gonna release all the shit I bought from people as I don't think they deserve to sell it, nor they should sell it to other people Remember guys respect your clients they payed for you shit so have some decency and at least do some diagnosis when there is an error and point them in the right direction rather than blanking them or saying it works for you.. because this is the respond I've gotten way too often. I bought stuff from 4 different "developers" as of now, and all 4 times I had to fix things up myself no support from anyone.... So if YOU planning to buy something from someone you might want to think again.. if it's worth spending 800 bucks on shit that you gonna have to fix up yourself.. /end of rant.
  13. Hello, does anyone know how can I import objects that were exported using 2.9 version exporter? When I try to convert .gr2 object into .ms files it crashes and comes up with this..
  14. asdajdja

    open Metin Stones

    Screenshots not working.