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  1. filippos1234

    solved Biologist quest

    You are right!!! thank you very much for helping me i wish you have a good day (i didnt have the item on my inventory when i was trying on regular player...xD)
  2. filippos1234

    solved Biologist quest

    i tested it , only on my GM player the quest appear
  3. filippos1234

    solved Biologist quest

    i saw the 1st quest you coded thats why i couldnt find it..also the second one is only for gm's as i can see
  4. filippos1234

    solved Biologist quest

    it doesnt work by click on item also where is pc.remove_item(3969, 1); i cant find it xD
  5. filippos1234

    solved Biologist quest

    i dont think its second selection appear on biologist
  6. filippos1234

    solved Biologist quest

    yes but in any biologist quest - just the time go to zero so you dont have to wait
  7. filippos1234

    solved Biologist quest

  8. filippos1234

    solved Biologist quest

    just one whatever quest?
  9. filippos1234

    solved Biologist quest

    Hello i search for a quest that if you have an item example.(vnum)3969 get the biologist time to 0 or skip it.. i found one its on ro i think: quest example begin state start begin when"Elimina timp" with get_time() <= pc.getqf("duration") begin say_title("Biolog:") say("Planta magica contine acid sulfuric") say("Doar o picatura din ea pe un obiect si") say("a fost distrus!Daca imi oferi una voi putea") say("elimina timpul mai repede!Ai una?") say_item("Floarea biologului","3969","") local s = select ("Da,am la mine.", "Inapoi") if s == 2 then return elseif s == 1 then if pc.count_item(3969) > 0 then say_title("Biologul:") say("Aceasta planta este magnifica.Voi putea elimina") say("timpul imediat.") say(" . . . ") say(" . . . ") say("Gata.Timpul a fost eliminat.Acum astept sa imi") say("aduci alte materiale pentru cercetari!") pc.remove_item(3969, 1) pc.setqf("duration", get_time()-1) end elseif pc.count_item(3969) == 0 then say_title("Biologul:") say("Nu detii nici o planta de acest gen.") say("Ce e drept..este destul de rara.") end end end end it get the item (vnum) 3969 but it wont get the time to 0..can anyone help or is there any ready quest like this? thanks
  10. filippos1234

    open bonus chance

    hello guys how can i edit bonus chance? thanks
  11. filippos1234

    open where can i find MT2GS V1.4 by [SA]Axcell + Hen!

    what about this
  12. filippos1234

    solved Mob in stones

    Thanks i found it
  13. filippos1234

    solved Mob in stones

    In move speed theres a number-vnum that doesnt exist on my server.
  14. filippos1234

    solved Mob in stones

    Hello i want to ask how do i edit which mobs are spawning in a stone? also how do i set an mob-stone hp? thanks...