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  1. Masakra

    [C++][FIX] Scale of Sash & Official Pet

    Everything works well but in my code I'm just replace pkLOD->Deform(&m_matAbsoluteTrans); with this pkLOD->Deform(&m_TransformMatrix); I have only scale from sash and works with pets too. Someone have a solution for this bug?
  2. Hi, when I summon pet from new system and this pet has skill who increased bow range.I saw problem on warrior skill dash, the range to enemy is bigger when I got a pet with this skill.Maybe someone could help.
  3. Masakra

    open Search new function

  4. Masakra

    open Search new function

    Hi everyone I'm search this 2 new functions: IsRaceFlagByVnum and nonplayerGetAttElementFlagByVID
  5. Masakra

    solved New Function

    Thanks, everything works!
  6. Masakra

    solved New Function

  7. Masakra

    solved New Function

  8. Masakra

    solved New Function

    Hi, I'm search this function and c++ part: def Over(self): wndMgr.Over(self.hWnd)