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  1. Aeldra-Bes

    Aeldra is looking for new developers

    #Push, we are looking forward to increase our dev team again We are also immediately looking for a 3D modeler, for new weapons skins, costumes, Pets and more!
  2. Aeldra-Bes

    Aeldra is looking for new developers

  3. Aeldra-Bes

    Aeldra is looking for new developers

    Aeldra is looking for new developers, being one of the largest international servers we are facing new challenges on a daily basis. Starting now we are looking for assistance in our development team, especially for bug fixing, content expansion and overall improvement of the game. We offer: - good working atmosphere - professional work environment - serious and solid project - good induction phase - nice payment As of now we are a large team of developers, helping each other out to master the latter mentioned challenges. That's why we also give rather inexperienced and motivated developers the opportunity to take part in our team and improve. Write me a pm if you are interested and give me your contact details (Skype or Discord) Discord: Bes#9842 Skype: live:aeldramanagment Best Regards, Bes