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  1. nope nothing works and this old version of freebsd is because its rain files.. xD was the first files ever
  2. i have do that before but same problem i think its in the game source but ... in rain files theres no source for game rev 407 :D
  3. i have repair the tables over navicat and restart the server and starting again the server but the same message appears ;x
  4. im sorry for my sucked english but i hope u understanding my situation "i have no problem with login or connect to MySQL all working fine on FreeBSD 7.0 game rev 402" but everytime i start the server here comes the problem see on picture : but after this message appears i can login ! and connecting to mysql working fine !! but why this message appears ? and how i can fix that Message ? I want to know it because i want to work with this. hope somebody can help me out ^^