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  1. ThunderCore

    Metin2Mobile Skill Effects
  2. ThunderCore

    Metin2Mobile Skill Effects

  3. ThunderCore

    Metin2Mobile Skill Effects

    New Video ! Support us:
  4. ThunderCore

    Metin2Mobile Skill Effects

    We did the beta some months ago. More informations at: We will release a demo on 21 december 2018.
  5. ThunderCore

    Metin2Mobile Skill Effects

    Why not ?
  6. ThunderCore

    Metin2Mobile Skill Effects

    Opinions >?
  7. ThunderCore

    Metin2Mobile Skill Effects

    I just leave this here.. waiting for your opinions. NEW VIDEO !!
  8. ThunderCore

    [SEARCH] Berserk Models

    You can contact us at skype : -EDIT-
  9. I want to buy something from you. I ve contact you on Skype. Are you Dexter on Skype? My skype is mariushcm

  10. ThunderCore

    OX Quiz creator online

    That's an free community. Why should i have to shut up ? I just have said my opinion. This is an usefull tool Download: in attachement Virustota-FalsePositive: P.s. Found on the internet. OxQuiz.exe
  11. ThunderCore

    OX Quiz creator online

    I'm sorry, i don't wanna be Discourteous, But this is the most stupid thing that i have ever seen in my whole life ! wtf dude ? this tool is just writing some words inside a 1 line code, who didn't know to do this manually it doesn't deserve to have a metin2 server.
  12. ThunderCore

    Is the "Metin2" Still alive?

    Why did you say that ?
  13. ThunderCore

    Is the "Metin2" Still alive?

    The questation is : it is alive anymore ? Does it worth to open a metin2 server in the day of today?
  14. ThunderCore

    Regen Generator

    Can you reupload please?
  15. ThunderCore

    Problem with armor in 3Dsmax

    It seems that you didn't skinned the armor