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  1. iBeast

    open problem with translate :SERVERSIDE

    NPC names are (usually) being taken from MySQL mob_proto. Are you sure you have translated all? iBeast
  2. Hello! I am writing and asking for help on this forum after some weeks. I am creating ranking system and everything works fine, but I need to know how to read from metin2 client binary .mse file. I have this line in C++ binary function: sprintf(c_pszRank, "d:/ymir work/ui/ranking/ranker_%d.mse", iTOPPlayersRank); and I return 1, so it is ranker_1.mse. But when I try it, nothing happens (so it can not read .mse) and when I change path to .tga file, it will load but picture is static. Could you help me how to solve this problem? Thanks.
  3. iBeast

    open A small question

    Why 34083 files? Why not (for example) Fliege (40k)?
  4. iBeast

    open How can i

    Create new command in cmd.cpp and insert into cmd_general.cpp that command with ChatPacket: ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_COMMAND, "TestCommand"); And then move into game.py: Find: serverCommandList={ And insert into list: "TestCommand" : self.__TestCommandFunction, And insert function at the end of game.py: def __TestCommandFunction(self): import dbg dbg.LogBox("Command received!") Hope I helped. iBeast
  5. iBeast

    c++ Title After Name

    Information  This function shows player's title after name. Simple to enable/disable (via locale_inc.h definition). Download Click HERE or on signature (page Projects -> Free)  Enjoy.
  6. iBeast

    open Bug quest biologist

    If you use /reload q It can generate an error. It depends on SF. iBeast
  7. iBeast

    solved Shop buy price not appear

    You are welcome!
  8. iBeast

    solved Shop buy price not appear

    Then apply it for offline shops too... I do not have offline shops so I can not check which things you should modify, but it should be similar.
  9. iBeast

    solved Shop buy price not appear

    I was right. There is solution (probably): 1. Find: def SetShopItem(self, slotIndex): 2. Add on the end of function this: self.AppendPrice(price) So it should be like that: def SetShopItem(self, slotIndex): itemVnum = shop.GetItemID(slotIndex) if 0 == itemVnum: return price = shop.GetItemPrice(slotIndex) self.ClearToolTip() self.isShopItem = TRUE metinSlot = [] for i in xrange(player.METIN_SOCKET_MAX_NUM): metinSlot.append(shop.GetItemMetinSocket(slotIndex, i)) attrSlot = [] for i in xrange(player.ATTRIBUTE_SLOT_MAX_NUM): attrSlot.append(shop.GetItemAttribute(slotIndex, i)) self.AddItemData(itemVnum, metinSlot, attrSlot) self.AppendPrice(price) iBeast
  10. iBeast

    solved Shop buy price not appear

    Hi. Maybe you are missing function "AppendPrice" in uiToolTip.py. Upload your uiToolTip.py. iBeast
  11. iBeast

    open Change the rank title to the right?

    Hello there. Check my website (click on signature). I have this function for that on my website. Enjoy.
  12. iBeast

    open time in map quest

    I cant use it only inside of server_timer I think. "Timer" is player related... But I am not sure... It was only sample. iBeast
  13. iBeast

    Princess assassin

    Looks pretty! <3
  14. iBeast

    Opinion Armor

    I do not like it... For Metin is this armor ugly.