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  1. iamgroot

    VIP | GA | CM Icons

    Any news? Thanks.
  2. iamgroot

    "improved" windows.dds

    pt, please?
  3. iamgroot

    open [C++]Target Info System error

    Actually it is disgusting the fact that the forum doesn't have strict rules about bumping. I guess it is exactly like everywhere nowadays: you do shit, you are not punished (and even if you are - the punishment isn't anywhere near as it shoule be). Anyway, here I am, writing a useless comment (plus bumping your thread again!). Rules, man, rules, would you mind checking them? Oh, and please, don't apologize - everybody knows (even though everybody will close their eyes to things like this) that you simply don't give a f. Btw, this comment is about having good sense, it is not personal at all.
  4. iamgroot

    open Desperate times...

    Definitely haven't been able to set the server on yet. Frustrating. If anyone could help.
  5. Nice. Idea for an update: maybe add the notification for when someone goes offline?
  6. iamgroot

    open About getting started

    Thanks, but it didn't work.
  7. iamgroot

    open About getting started

  8. iamgroot

    VIP | GA | CM Icons

    Hmm thank you for answering. If you do it, take your time, no rushes.
  9. iamgroot

    VIP | GA | CM Icons

    This looks cool, thank you. Btw, would you do one for MOD?
  10. iamgroot

    open About getting started

    Hey guys. Simple question with a simple solution (I guess even though I don't know how to do it): how to install Clang in localhost - I mean, I don't know which files to download and how/where to install them? Thank you.
  11. Hey. Isn't there a mistake in step 17? You do 4 changes in that step, however in GitHub it only shows 3. Thanks in advance. Edit: my bad, didn't really verify it correctly.
  12. iamgroot

    open Desperate times...

    Checked it out. Thank you.
  13. iamgroot

    open Desperate times...

    Thank you. However, I have done that all at somepoint (even tried with 9.3 i386) and always got errors. Most of them have already been reported somewhere here. None of them (from what I've seen, except from two - that happen to be "unavailable") got a single answer. Edit: I am gonna keep searching and then give news.
  14. iamgroot

    open Desperate times...

    Hey. After finally reaching high levels of frustration, I decided to post this topic. How do I get to install source on VirtualBox? I Tried literally everything (except anything that actually works, apparently). To give you a little bit of context: I'm new to this, and have been trying for the last 18 hours (I wish this was a joke. NO I DID NOT EVEN SLEEP FOR A MINUTE TRYING TO SET UP SUCH A F NON COMPLEX THING AS THIS) to set a clean source in my localhost. Since this is basic (after all isn't this the first thing that everyone should do, I mean, you don't turn a car on without an engine) I thought that this would be one of those things that you simply easily get. However, I'm full of doubts and there isn't a single tutorial that is up-to-date in here (and apparently there's a lot of misinformation. I didn't even think that I was this dumb (to the point in which I'd be asking something that has certainly been done thousands of times such as this one). So I'll leave you with another question that I don't really understand why still exists (I believe I'm not the only one having this): is it actually possible (or not) to use newer versions of FreeBSD (such as 11.3 x64 or 12.0 x 64)? If no, which one should we be using? 9.2? 9.3? I've seen many tutorials in which people were using 9.3, however, this seems to contradict some other people that say that the game can only run in 9.2 (and why the hell is there still confusion about this - if someone can actually prove that it is possible to actually run something in one way how isn't that enough for that to become "true" and "acceptable" by everybody, so we can stop spreading misinformation). Ps: Yes. I know that I could simply download some ready-to-go vdi file with all those things ready, however I believe that in order to become successful in doing something, we should start... from the beginning, so please don't answer stupid things such as links to already-done things (and actually most of the tutorials, since I'm pretty sure that I've much likely seen and tried them). My english sucks, by the way, so if I did misspelled something, I'm sorry (probably gonna edit this a few times while checking for errors in this text). Thank you for reading.
  15. iamgroot

    Source Error Compiling

    up - I know the topic is from 2016 but I think that I too have this error. However, I don't know where to find that variable. Can anyone help me?