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    [HARD PVM LIKE OFFICIAL] Metin2Pandora

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    [HARD PVM LIKE OFFICIAL] Metin2Pandora

    Topic update.
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    [HARD PVM LIKE OFFICIAL] Metin2Pandora

    New security patch to fix m2bob bot available, just start Metin2Pandora.exe
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    [HARD PVM LIKE OFFICIAL] Metin2Pandora

    New update available! Just start Metin2Pandora.exe
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    [HARD PVM LIKE OFFICIAL] Metin2Pandora

    Server name: Metin2Pandora Opened channels: 2/4 Maximum level: 99 Status points: 90 Website language: Română/English/Português (BR) Game client language: (100%)Română/English In game language: (10%)Română/English Players: România, Ireland, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain Main website: Main website (official link). Secondary website link (official website) - redirect. Board: Join our forum to get answers to your questions! Register: Register a new account now, its free! Client download: Download patch or direct Experience rate: 3% Yang rate: 3% Drop item rate: 5% The blacksmith's rate: - Server details: Photoshop presentation (only romanian at the moment): Direct link to presentation (Special thanks to KingArt: Click here.... If you want to know more about Metin2Pandora Community, please visit our board at: Board Metin2Pandora. Metin2Pandora Community is a pvm hard server, old school with few of new updates to improve the gameplay. Maximum level is 99 and status points 90, classic game interface, multy language system (80% done), we have a lot of events on the server that will keep you busy! The skills can be upgraded from M1 - Master, using the skills books (from metin stones, any level) until G1, after pass the Grand master skills, you will can use the spirit stone (from metin stones with minimum level of 35) to upgrade yours skill to Perfect master (P). To ride a horse, just pass the 25 level and complete the first mission to obtain the Normal Horse, next missions will be at levels 35 (dont need a horse medal to get the Armed Horse) and level 55. To upgrade your equipment you need items upgrade, witch can be obtained from mobs / special chests. We also have the vote4coins system and a spacial category in the our itemshop to buy special items almost free. As i wrote above, we have a few systems to improve the gameplay. Costumes system. Pet system. Mount system. Multy language system for the game client only at the moment (RO/EN). Decimal HP for mobs and players system. Item destroy on the drop menu system. In game channel switch system. Inventory slots (4 inventory tab) system. Inventory expansion system. Details about the weapon / armour evolution: - The 65 level weapon can be evoluated into 90 level weapon. - At the moment, 70 level armour cant be upgraded / evoluated. Mission details: The normal players can pass any mission until 65 level, every mission will give you a gift and reward. We have also Biologist missions, every passed mission will give you a special bonus and a special gift as reward. Also we have some new missions witch will be avaiable only at the events time, evrery mission witch will be passed will ofer you a special bonus and / or a gift. Events: Moon linght chests - active. Christmas event - active until 05.01.2019. OX event - weekly. GM Hide - weekly. Pvm or / and metin rain - monthly. Pvp event - monthly. Fish event - unavaiable at the moment. Earn VIP - unavaiable at the moment. The game team: [GF]Okami [MOD]Nah This server will be fully in English language as soon as possible!