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  1. Moț

    open How to disable this?
  2. Moț

    open Add friend max lenght problem

    and at messenger_list table from player database you must to change the length if you have not changed
  3. Moț

    open How to disable this?

    Userinterface.cpp change #ifdef _DISTRIBUTE PyModule_AddIntConstant(builtins, "__DEBUG__", 0); #else PyModule_AddIntConstant(builtins, "__DEBUG__", 1); #endif with #ifndef _DEBUG PyModule_AddIntConstant(builtins, "__DEBUG__", 0); #else PyModule_AddIntConstant(builtins, "__DEBUG__", 1); #endif
  4. Moț

    open Client Build with FoxFS
  5. pkg update -f && pkg search makedepend and install the version...
  6. pkg install makepend sorry, just pkg install makedepend
  7. Moț

    open COmpile DB

    Just include the boost headers inside to ClientManager.h #include <boost/unordered_map.hpp> ...
  8. Moț

    python need costum m2bob script

    Just 500 Euros !
  9. Moț

    open COmpile DB

    gmake clean dep default
  10. Moț

    [C++] Some usefull stuffs

    ALUA (item_get_flag) { LPITEM item = CQuestManager::instance().GetCurrentItem(); lua_pushnumber(L, item ? item->GetFlag() : 0);  return 1; } Yes.
  11. Moț

    open New ban method And you can add auto ban function or check if the text is insult & the guys cannot input via whisper or chat
  12. Moț

    open Freebsd

    wrong driver
  13. Moț

    open Comp err

  14. Moț

    open Granny version error

    change the location with gr2 texture tool