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  1. MrQuin

    open Polymorph Problem

    One thing : Don't use this shitty turkish files
  2. MrQuin

    open Bug whit login some players, pay for fix

    stop with ( I pay for this fix ) crap !
  3. MrQuin

    solved Insult *

    I recommend you don't do it , sometimes words will contain a word from insult.txt it better remains ***
  4. MrQuin

    open Change start lvl from src

    You could've just used google or the search bar and you'll find more than one topic about this ..
  5. According to what gem system you are using
  6. MrQuin

    c++ [RLS]Shop EX Renewal

    The system works fine i tried it.
  7. MrQuin

    open which offline shop system?

    More than 300 player
  8. MrQuin

    open which offline shop system?

    I am using Ken's for about 3 years and i ain't having no problems with it
  9. MrQuin

    open Metin2 official unpacker? How to?

    Try Metin2repacker this is a pic:
  10. MrQuin

    c++ [RLS]Shop EX Renewal

    I am glad you added new prices as i said in your last topic Great work Just one thing to ask , in shopex is there a way to make the shop gui extend height if there are more choices let's say like : ARMOR-ITEMS-WEAPONS...etc so it look good
  11. db syserr ? And what is the last thing you modified ?
  12. MrQuin

    open Two little problems :)

    void CMountActor::SetName() { std::string petName = m_pkOwner->GetName(); if (true == IsSummoned()) In mountsystem.cpp just check New_PetSystem.cpp in : void CNewPetActor::SetName(const char* name) and make changes like it .
  13. MrQuin

    open hilfe

    Since your topic title is : hilfe My answer is : Shazam
  14. MrQuin

    [GUIDE]Usage Of Shop Ex

    Thank you It would be nice if you make buying with items compatible with it so the person chose the items from .txt file , Hope you understand me .