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  1. MrQuin

    [Wayne-SF] Selfmade 06.12.19 rls

    Does it come in black ?
  2. MrQuin

    open VS2019 Upgrade - Crash

    Try release mode .
  3. MrQuin

    open Game Core Help Please

    Damn son you forgot to tag @Jesus
  4. MrQuin

    open Get into Metin2

    Using Mind control
  5. MrQuin

    c++ Map Name Info

    Very usefull, Thanks !!
  6. MrQuin

    open Hit bug

    Try this : in : int battle_melee_attack(LPCHARACTER ch, LPCHARACTER victim) delete: if(ch->IsPC()) { const bool bAttacking = (get_dword_time() - ch->GetLastAttackTime()) < ch->IsRiding() ? 800 : 750; if (!bAttacking) return BATTLE_NONE; //if (test_server&&ch->IsPC()) // ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Melee Attack: %d", get_dword_time() - ch->GetLastAttackTime()); if (!battle_distance_valid(ch, victim)) return BATTLE_NONE; } and see what happens ...
  7. MrQuin

    open Hit bug

    Can you try with a ninja and a bow to see if the hit bug is happening with them ..
  8. MrQuin

    open Hit bug

    share your battle.cpp and char_battle.cpp
  9. MrQuin

    solved Moving item on task bar

  10. MrQuin

    solved Moving item on task bar

    Is there a game.core or syserr
  11. MrQuin

    Compile Client With VS19 + SRC

    Amazing as always .
  12. MrQuin

    open Effects icon
  13. MrQuin

    open shop bug

    You gonna show him nudes in pm or what ! , give him a solution here directly or stfu
  14. MrQuin

    open After changing attribute frameskip

    In arabic we say يدك على زبي إذا لقيت حل يازامل ياولد القحبه which means hope you find a solution sooner than later. Try searching ChangeAttribute in all src files and compare it with another src that doesn't have the problem .