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  1. Helia01


    don't use FLAG (-s) in makefile. recompile without flag -s and try again (bt full)
  2. Helia01


  3. Helia01

    "Let's say that we're in Devil's Catacomb and i want my client to be optimized, i enabled this option and all bosses/mobs become a dog, now everything is perfect, no lag anymore, WTF, we did metin2 great again, we're genius" ahahahhahaahaha Yeah, it's probably the best optimization I've ever seen. Speaking of effects, do you have any idea how to fix the effects processing so that you don't get a black screen when you minimize and maximize the client? All decisions in release which consisted in not stopping rendering of effects at folding seems to me any nonsense.
  4. Helia01

    wtf? it turns out instead of the standard mobs it allows you to make all the mobs visually dogs. Who the hell needs it? do you consider this optimization in its purest form? Anyway thanks for the release.
  5. Helia01

  6. Helia01


    Now creating servers for developers will become even easier. We've put a lot of useful stuff together with dear Vegas lately.
  7. Helia01

    Hey M2DEV! Today i will show you my new tool. This tool checks item_names.txt and item_proto.txt for duplicates and also shows differences in these files. For example: Test 1: We take all the VNUM of the file item_names.txt and check the same VNUM in the item_proto.txt Test 2: We take all the VNUM of the file item_proto.txt and checks the same VNUM in the item_names.txt The result is written in the console and in a text file: output_log.txt DOWNLOAD ver. VT P.S We are waiting for the Python version by dear Vegas
  8. Helia01

    Hey m2dev. Today i will show you my new tool. This tool will allow you to clean your files (txt to example) from special symbols. If you do not understand why this tool, look spoiler. DOWNLOAD ver. VT
  9. Helia01

    A surprisingly useful fix from you
  10. Helia01


    Yes, it is much more important to update Yang than to optimize the game. Piece of Turk
  11. Helia01


    Not bad, but why? Such a person as you might think how to unlock 60 + frames per second or for example make the game use all the CPU cores. Instead, we get a useless Yang update.
  12. Helia01


    I thought it was a real voice chat, and these are just sound commands.
  13. Helia01


    BAN All public systems in TR forum looks like this "Aura system :D"
  14. Helia01


    OMFG... I was blinded
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