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  1. Helia01


    New version! 1. Choose 3 search mode (Name/Content/Name&Content) 2. Choose original file is oldest or newest. DOWNLOAD ver.
  2. Helia01


    Hey M2DEV! Today i will show you my new tool! With the help of which you can make an .obj from the mesh of gr2 file! DOWNLOAD (full project with source code)
  3. Yes, it’s true, in order to correct a black screen error, it is necessary to skip frames correctly and “freeze” to clear old effects and load new ones after the window has unminimized
  4. Helia01


    new version:!
  5. Helia01


    ok i will add this in next version! :3
  6. Helia01


    Hey M2DEV Today i will show you my new tool! Open gr2 file, use double click for input or change path, press enter. After changes go to File->Save or Save as.. EASY! ENJOY! Update: 1. Detect and show File Granny Tag 2. Now you have the opportunity to choose the output version Granny. DOWNLOAD ver. VT ver.
  7. Helia01

    Nightmare dungeon

  8. Helia01

    Python sql inject

  9. Helia01

    GrannyConverter - by Helia01

    I will rework this tool later.
  10. Helia01

    [RLS]Improving: Loading about players

    this problem is not on all AMD processor series. but only on "Vishera"
  11. Helia01

    [RLS]Improving: Loading about players

    processor(CPU)... not graphics card
  12. Helia01

    [RLS]Improving: Loading about players

    Do you have a amd proc? mb FX series?
  13. Helia01


    Hey today i will show you my new tool. This tool will help you find duplicate files in the client. At the moment, this tool does not support automatic correction of duplicates, but if the community is interested, then I will try to implement this. File uniqueness is verified through the md5 algorithm. Thus, we can see duplicate files by their contents, and not by name. P.S The idea behind this tool belongs to Kori. DOWNLOAD ver. VT