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  1. Helia01

    Client Cordinate FPS

    check Frozen message. and compile BIN in NOT DEBUG mode.
  2. Helia01

    [RLS]Chat Slow Mode

    not bad idea!
  3. Helia01

    open ERROR Virtualbox

    Hey 1. ENABLE VT-V/AMD-V (BIOS) 2. DISABLE HYPER-V (WINDOWS) - Because it’s a peace of shit 3. Enjoy
  4. Helia01

    c++ [C++] Small RE for mss sound scripts

    Thx! Realy sexy release!)
  5. Helia01

    open System details

    It’s easy fix. check event on button and add this part in c++ client source.
  6. Helia01

    Gameforge sucks

    ahahahahahah I live in Russia, recently wanted to open a server, now we will think what to do next ... Maybe it will not affect us? (GTranslate ).
  7. item_names.txt (all countries without mother russia ) please don't replace (just copy and past some parts). Patch v19.3.6 Download
  8. Helia01


  9. Like but.... My opinion: Your function is shit (sry dude) bacause GF Function read locale_string.txt and locale_quest.txt on CLIENT SIDE not SERVER SIDE We implemented it a couple of months ago in our project.
  10. locale (all countries without mother russia ) Patch v19.3.6 Files: Download
  11. Helia01

    python Metin2 - Events Calendar

    Oh my..... Why are you don't use DB?
  12. omfg. Oh good answer 4ssh013.