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  1. ridetpro

    open Freebsd

    If you want a good answer, then you should learn to ask a good question. Try to give as many details as possible. Where did you want us to know you have a physical server at home? What have you tried so far? Have you ever tried to solve yourself before you post here? How do you try to connect to the internet? Cable / Wi-Fi? Do you have static ip? / Do you have dynamic ip? Are you sure the network card works? Which router model do you use? It's normal not to respond when you try ping because the server is not connected to the internet. Steps should be exactly the same as those posted above, just that you have to jump over the Bridged Adapter.
  2. ridetpro

    open Freebsd

    Go to : Network->Adapter 1->Select bridged adapter (And select the adapter through which you are connected to the internet, in my case I am connected via WI-fi) Go to your adapter list You need the default gateway and the netmask Write in console bsdconfig -> Networking management Select DNS nameserver and set them like this Select network Interfaces Select your interface Add ipaddr xxx.xxx.xxx.254, your default gateway adress, last three digits should be 254 Add netmask xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Select save/exit click ok When this question apper, click yes. Select exit, click ok. Reboot vbox machine. Machine ip will be xxx.xxx.xxx.254
  3. Use a spoiler, no one is forced to scroll down to see those errors. For some of us, it's enough to see the first line of the syserr. Check here
  4. ridetpro

    Damage hit color

    You can do this with paint, I think.
  5. ridetpro

    open Change size of enum?

    You need c++11 or c++14 not sure in server
  6. ridetpro

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    It's probably not an error, it's a code problem. The client must be set to debug mode. Now change the launcher's output directory to the client's folder. Now make this change in Debugging. (UserInterface -> Properties -> Debugging) Open a new debugging instance: In this way, you will be able to see the call stack. Once the debug instance begins, log in to the client and wait for the crash. When the crash will appear you will be able to see callStack in visual studio ..
  7. ridetpro

    open Change size of enum?

    The compiler will choose the actual type used based on the enumeration constants. But you can do the following: // Enum can handle long long enum EFoo : std::int64_t { Foo1, Foo2, Foo3, } // Enum can handle int enum EFoo : std::int32_t { Foo1, Foo2, Foo3, }
  8. ridetpro

    open [get_language()] in when ... begin

    qc.cc parse() case ST_WHEN_NAME before current_when_argument += os.str(); I did something similar some time ago, I gave you the clues to look for. If you fail, I'll give you the codes. Follow the example above.
  9. You better recompile whole extern with the same version of GCC, the same FLAGs.
  10. ridetpro

    solved delete

    Way 1: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/mysql_server Way 2: //etc/rc.conf mysql_dbdir="/var/db/mysql_name" https://www.ufsexplorer.com/solutions/recover-deleted-files-bsd.php
  11. ridetpro

    open Question about new std functions and lambdas

    Try to donate exp intro guild after those conversions
  12. ridetpro

    open Click: CQuestManager

    You need to add NPC vnum in questnpc.txt
  13. ridetpro

    open Linker command failed

    Then you probably did not put the cryptopp7 headers in extern.