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  1. Catii


    here you go
  2. Catii


    look in the quest (it should be if you have this id: 71126. It should look something like this:
  3. Catii


    I think the one that works is with quest, and the other is with costume type. look into item_proto at the types and paste them here.
  4. Catii


    you need to have somewere in your function the declaration of row, something like this: MYSQL_ROW row = mysql_fetch_row(pRes->pSQLResult);
  5. Catii

    even if I could understand romanian how could someone read from that piece of shit video, well piece of shit like the one that made it . An the cherry on top is that on the other forum you posted a link for people to donate? oh man ... I think that you tough that after this you will do some harm or something but I think it backfired. P.S.:
  6. Catii


    add this to / ExpandedImageBox class def SetPercentageV(self, curValue, maxValue): if maxValue: self.SetRenderingRect(0.0, -1.0 + float(curValue) / float(maxValue), 0.0, 0.0) else: self.SetRenderingRect(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0) and use it in your code
  7. well nice release, but god damn son those explications (comments) I felt like I was again in grade school. And good luck at work
  8. Catii

    Yes like your gratitude and your humbleness. I suggest you go and find santa and leave the grown ups to talk here. From my perspective I like the tutorial and I like the fact that you made it so that everyone would understand (well almost everyone).
  9. Catii


    I think your 2 brain cells are fighting who to go first or something. @kiyagan when I replyed to your topic about aura system you told me to ask people about you bcs you are somekind of big shit... and here we are now. The almighty Turckish Dev. Condolences for the guys that bought this sistem.
  10. Catii

    I know you are a greate from far back, but you should code sell the official pet system because this Race Clone it has similar ideas as the Clone System from Inception.
  11. First of all good luck. Its kinda hard now to have a server, so good luck. Second: I dont like that you used evion presentation label for your presentation.
  12. put here from root
  13. maybe when you added the new buttons for the inventory you accidentally deleted the the lines that connects the button to the code. That syser dosen''t show anything regarding your problem.
  14. Catii

    pretty damn good, tyvm.
  15. Catii


    I think that you forgot to add the code that verifies the window_type or you forgot to add in the db the new categories. Your problem is when the items are taken from cache into db, they take the position from the special storage as the equipement. So that is why I think you have a problem with the window_type.