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  1. lotryyman@gmail.com

    open [Help] Dragon_soul.quest Original

    Thanks its ok now.
  2. lotryyman@gmail.com

    Metin2 SG 2011 client

    Reupload ?
  3. lotryyman@gmail.com

    open [Help] Dragon_soul.quest Original

    Hellow dear comunity , i have 1 problem with may quest .. i dont know how to change rate drop for item code : 30270 with this quest ..
  4. lotryyman@gmail.com

    open [Problem]With Login

    Hello dear community, I have a little question. I have a problem with Login .. for example, I'm connecting with the good user account: admin / password: admin, but it connects me after 0.001 seconds, tells me the wrong name or password. I wanted to change the cheeck between the client and the server, it is changed, the configurations are done well, but it does not let me in. Syser is empty. Only in syslog I see that I give "desc 15 key 1, server 283482348" .. otherwise everything behaves normally. Excuse me for my English puddle
  5. lotryyman@gmail.com

    open [Problem]Alchemy with refine Rubin slot

    4 invetory simply not work , 4 inv + belt same problem..
  6. lotryyman@gmail.com

    open [Problem]Alchemy with refine Rubin slot

    Ds it functionaly .. but for rubi first ( 16 slot ) dosen't work.. but next slot work fine..
  7. lotryyman@gmail.com

    open [Problem]Alchemy with refine Rubin slot

    Ai check another source end it's ok lenght.h
  8. lotryyman@gmail.com

    open [Problem]Alchemy with refine Rubin slot

    Okay, I'm looking to see with other sources, but I'm still waiting for another answer .. I want to take all the possibilities in turn. And thx for answer
  9. lotryyman@gmail.com

    open [Problem]Alchemy with refine Rubin slot

  10. lotryyman@gmail.com

    open [Problem]Alchemy with refine Rubin slot

    Hello dear ones, my problem is: when I want to refine the ruby alchemy at the legendary level from the ancient level, this can only be done if I alter all alchemy on the lower slots. I have a very nasty bug on the top slots. Someone who knows how to solve, or at least an idea where to look is welcome. The client / server Syserr is completely empty.
  11. lotryyman@gmail.com

    Drag Soul disabled ?

    Bro i love you :D its work fine .
  12. lotryyman@gmail.com

    [SRC] Vanilla Core [latest: r71480]

    int tmpValue; int checkthis = 1; if (!CConfig::instance().GetValue("TXT_STARTUP", &tmpValue)) tmpValue = 0; if (!CConfig::instance().GetValue("SQL_VNUM_RANGE_CHECK", &checkthis)) checkthis = 1; if (!InitializeMobTable()) DB crash at 9 ores.. , int checkthis = 0.. but down
  13. lotryyman@gmail.com

    [Sysser]Switchbot by mijago

    Thanks this metod work in 2019
  14. lotryyman@gmail.com

    [RLS]Unbugged CH Switcher

    You dont have change in locale / systemdialog .py
  15. lotryyman@gmail.com

    [RLS]Unbugged CH Switcher

    0126 18:25:20199 :: File "networkModule.py", line 240, in SetGamePhase 0126 18:25:20199 :: File "game.py", line 111, in __init__ 0126 18:25:20199 :: File "interfaceModule.py", line 318, in MakeInterface 0126 18:25:20200 :: File "interfaceModule.py", line 237, in __MakeDialogs 0126 18:25:20200 :: File "uiSystem.py", line 35, in LoadDialog 0126 18:25:20200 :: File "uiSystem.py", line 44, in __LoadSystemMenu_Default 0126 18:25:20200 :: File "ui.py", line 3082, in GetChild 0126 18:25:20200 :: KeyError 0126 18:25:20200 :: : 0126 18:25:20200 :: 'change_ch_button' 0126 18:25:20200 :: My error .. i dont have ideea..