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  1. sxvoyz

    Gameforge sucks

  2. sxvoyz

    Gameforge sucks
  3. sxvoyz

    open Dragon soul alchemy

    you have to add affect flag here and add effect to client AddAffect(AFFECT_DRAGON_SOUL_DECK_0 + deck_idx, APPLY_NONE, 0, AFF_NONE, INFINITE_AFFECT_DURATION, 0, false);
  4. sxvoyz

    Gameforge sucks

    webzen should make private servers legal and get profit from that. i think its more profitable than gf servers. true fact and wet dream. anyway private servers are illegal and webzen/gf can close it cuz copyrights
  5. sxvoyz

    Gameforge sucks

    i think gayforge can close only german p-servers
  6. sxvoyz

    Gameforge sucksıncılara-inen-derindarbe/?postID=6908952#post6908952
  8. sxvoyz

    open TextBox Cursor Color

  9. sxvoyz

    open Metin2 2003-2004 BETA Client

    great, thanks! do you have icon skill too?
  10. sxvoyz

    open Metin2 2003-2004 BETA Client

    i mean psd file ofc. i dont need code, just psd
  11. sxvoyz

    open Metin2 2003-2004 BETA Client

    could you upload that stuff?
  12. static const std::list<UINT> affectContainer { CInstanceBase::AFFECT_INVISIBILITY , CInstanceBase::AFFECT_POISON, CInstanceBase::AFFECT_FIRE #ifdef ENABLE_WOLFMAN_CHARACTER , CInstanceBase::AFFECT_BLEEDING #endif }; PyObject * IsAffect(PyObject * poSelf, PyObject * poArgs) { int iVID; if (!(PyTuple_GetInteger(poArgs, 0, &iVID))) return Py_BuildException(); int uAffect; if (!(PyTuple_GetInteger(poArgs, 1, &uAffect))) return Py_BuildException(); if (std::find(affectContainer.begin(), affectContainer.end(), (UINT)uAffect) == affectContainer.end()) return Py_BuildValue("b", false); auto pInstance = CPythonCharacterManager::Instance().GetInstancePtr(iVID); return Py_BuildValue("b", pInstance ? pInstance->IsAffect((UINT)uAffect) : false); }
  13. sxvoyz

    open GetName function

    he got autism, leave him alone
  14. sxvoyz

    [GUIDE]Emoji in TextLine

    very usefull