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  1. sxvoyz

    open GetName function

    he got autism, leave him alone
  2. sxvoyz

    Emoji in TextLine

    very usefull
  3. sxvoyz

    [RLS] Reversed event functions

    // PythonEventManagerModule.cpp PyObject * eventSetFontColor(PyObject* poSelf, PyObject* poArgs) { int iIndex; if (!PyTuple_GetInteger(poArgs, 0, &iIndex)) return Py_BuildException(); float fR; if (!PyTuple_GetFloat(poArgs, 1, &fR)) return Py_BuildException(); float fG; if (!PyTuple_GetFloat(poArgs, 2, &fG)) return Py_BuildException(); float fB; if (!PyTuple_GetFloat(poArgs, 3, &fB)) return Py_BuildException(); float fA = 1.0f; PyTuple_GetFloat(poArgs, 4, &fA); CPythonEventManager::Instance().SetFontColor(iIndex, fR, fG, fB, fA); return Py_BuildNone(); } static PyMethodDef s_methods[] = { [...] { "SetFontColor", eventSetFontColor, METH_VARARGS }, [...] } // PythonEventManager.h void SetFontColor(float iIndex, float fR, float fG, float fB, float fA); // PythonEventManager.cpp void CPythonEventManager::RenderEventSet(int iIndex) { [...] int iCount = pEventSet->iVisibleStartLine % BOX_VISIBLE_LINE_COUNT /*0*/ ; [...] } void CPythonEventManager::SetFontColor(float iIndex, float fR, float fG, float fB, float fA) { if (!CheckEventSetIndex(iIndex)) return; TEventSet * pEventSet = m_EventSetVector[iIndex]; if (!pEventSet) return; pEventSet->CurrentColor.r = fR; pEventSet->CurrentColor.g = fG; pEventSet->CurrentColor.b = fB; pEventSet->CurrentColor.a = fA; }
  4. sxvoyz

    c++ [RLS] Image Cool Time

    yes, its very similar
  5. sxvoyz

    solved Python

  6. sxvoyz

    Moon cave pack

    CArea::LoadObject Property(2201297168) Load ERROR CArea::LoadObject Property(2649958206) Load ERROR moon_cave\001001\AreaData.txt property\plechi_env\dungeon\biolog20_BossPotion.prb Few objects are missing. Could you upload this? I got corrupted files. My bad. Damn, this 2649958206 is missing
  7. sxvoyz

    open Won System Problem (inventory windows)

    (query: SELECT id, name, job, voice, dir, x, y, z, map_index, exit_x, exit_y, exit_map_index, hp, mp, stamina, random_hp, random_sp, playtime, gold, level, level_step, st, ht, dx, iq, exp, stat_point, skill_point, sub_skill_point, stat_reset_count, part_base, part_hair, part_sash, skill_level, quickslot, skill_group, alignment, mobile, horse_level, horse_riding, horse_hp, horse_hp_droptime, horse_stamina, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW())-UNIX_TIMESTAMP(last_play), horse_skill_point, chequeFROM player WHERE id=31278 errno: 1064) Syntax error.
  8. sxvoyz

    open Access to the brazilian servers?

    Use proxifer and brazil proxy list to connect into server. its working
  9. sxvoyz

    python Fish Event the new class

    I saw images for that game and it will be something like tetris game. Unlucky i can't find that pack including script files and images. I found that pack:!esVDhQwK!xGPdD3DTv3quufDSVCleiw
  10. sxvoyz

    Gameforge armor

    Its too hard to check
  11. sxvoyz

    Gameforge armor
  12. Official looks like that:
  13. sxvoyz

    [Official] Unpacked Updates

    Close this topic pls