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    Teleport System ~ Price is 0€

    Hy, can somebody explain me how to add a second page ( because I have a lot of places to warp ) with a "previous button" and when somebody select "Map1" ( for example ) to show another page which allows you to select the kingdom ( and this page have also a "previous page" button )?
  2. Hy, I have this simple quest and I do not know how to make "previous page button". Can, please, somebody spend his/her time to explain me?
  3. Sorry for my english. Hello all! I found the Blazing Purgatory in my serverfile but not work. I found a quest in my language (Ro) here: "" and I take resources from "" but not work. I click NPC from "Flame Land" (index 62) and he teleport me in "Blazing Purgatory" ( index 87 ) and here I found a NPC who start my run but this time the map is empty. I have only syserr in client. I think, not sure, not work because of that coordinates from quest "235000" and 235500" are not good for my map. Thanks! NPC when the "Guardian" from "Flame Land" teleport me in "Purgatory": "" And after, this NPC teleport me in that map but it is empty: "" The quest: Syserr Client: