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  1. Indigo

    open Client crash

    Hi devs, i got crash my client and i don't know how to solve this problem here is my syserr: 1014 15:53:05075 :: CSoundManager::PlayMusic - Failed to load stream sound : BGM/login_window.mp3 1014 15:53:18351 :: CSoundManager::PlayMusic - Failed to load stream sound : BGM/characterselect.mp3 1014 15:54:23722 :: __LoadWindow LoadScriptFile LoadChildren LoadChildren LoadElementAniImage PetMiniInformationWindow.LoadWindow.LoadObject - <type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>:'AniImageBox' object has no attribute 'AppendImageScale' 1014 15:54:23722 :: ============================================================================================================ 1014 15:54:23722 :: Abort!!!!
  2. Indigo

    open Metin Stone Problem

    Hello devs, i have problem in my metin2 server, when i activate rates for experience, metin stones of level 85 and 90, players when beat them they lose experience(only when rates are on), how do i fix this? please help -Thanks
  3. Hello devs, im searching locale for client to be in France please who have share it with me thanks
  4. Indigo


    Go to your Metin2 Folder you will have document called "syserr" open it copy all text and post here.
  5. Indigo

    open Core Crash

    It's allright, when i write this commands it says 0 problems
  6. Hello i have same problem but in my sources i have typedef boost::unordered_map<
  7. Indigo

    open Core Crash

    Hi, Thanks for your answer, Also for skill_proto i got the skill "236" but it write error and can you tell me how do i make gdb and etc (im new) i dont have much exp.. -Thanks.
  8. Indigo

    open Core Crash

    up pls
  9. Indigo

    open Core Crash

    Hello Devs, i have problem with my server, i don't know why but my core_2 of my x3 channel unexpectly crash and maps doesnt work on this core, could someone help me to fix this? Thanks, there is syserr of: channel3: syslog_ch3 db: Please help me to fix this problem:)
  10. Indigo

    open Hacked metin2 server

    I have same sources Chyu.
  11. Indigo

    open Hacked metin2 server

    I don't know how do i fix this?
  12. Indigo

    open Hacked metin2 server

    Hello community, My server has been hacked by a player, i see just error at db where say the channels are crashed and i noticed player to crash server he create guild.any help please
  13. Indigo

    open Metin2 Locale

    Heey devs I'm new here i need help about my locale.lua and translate.lua, i got them in turkish speek... Would someone help me how can i translate these files..? or i can add some translated files? Thanks!