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  1. Ekinox

    solved [20€ PP]Mob Dont't Atack

    Tcheck your mob_proto
  2. Ekinox

    open Bug toggle wolfman

    syserr server and client is empty
  3. Ekinox

    open Bug toggle wolfman

    Hi, First of all thank you for having lost your time answering my topic but you doesn't help me much about my problem ! Up
  4. Ekinox

    open Bug toggle wolfman

    Hi, I have a probleme with blue possession toggle skill When i use blue possession skill all skill is toggle see Thx,
  5. Ekinox

    open Proplem i need fix

    Hi, For use world editor you need depack client in D/: ymir work
  6. Hi, I want to delete the function to show an item on the general chat only I want to use it on other chat Thx,
  7. Ekinox

    solved Wolfman Claw Horse

    Solved thx add in playersettingmodule.py chrmgr.RegisterCacheMotionData(chr.MOTION_MODE_HORSE_CLAW, chr.MOTION_WAIT, "wait.msa", 90) chrmgr.RegisterCacheMotionData(chr.MOTION_MODE_HORSE_CLAW, chr.MOTION_WAIT, "wait1.msa", 9) chrmgr.RegisterCacheMotionData(chr.MOTION_MODE_HORSE_CLAW, chr.MOTION_WAIT, "wait2.msa", 1) chrmgr.RegisterCacheMotionData(chr.MOTION_MODE_HORSE_CLAW, chr.MOTION_WALK, "walk.msa") chrmgr.RegisterCacheMotionData(chr.MOTION_MODE_HORSE_CLAW, chr.MOTION_RUN, "run.msa")
  8. Ekinox

    solved Wolfman Claw Horse

    the problem is still there
  9. Ekinox

    open Title System problem

    add this in local_game.txt TITLE_0 Disable TITLE_1 [Beginner] TITLE_2 [Romantic] TITLE_3 [Friends for Life] TITLE_4 [Gypsy] TITLE_5 [Professional Mathematician] TITLE_6 [VERSACE] TITLE_7 [Iluminati] TITLE_8 [Ghost Rider] TITLE_9 [Exchanger Fate] TITLE_10 [Charmer Pets] TITLE_11 [Demon Magicians] TITLE_12 [Titanium] TITLE_13 [Fashion Expert] TITLE_14 [Retouches] TITLE_15 [Category Supreme] TITLE_16 [Invincible Supreme] TITLE_17 [Premium Title I] TITLE_18 [Premium Title II] TITLE_19 [Premium Title III]