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  1. Dr3Ame3r

    [C++] MemoryBreak fix [Client src]

    That makes you a kid, just by saying that. You'll have to read his information and deduct what he's saying. Ontopic: tested on a live server, crashes the client and makes it unresponding, it even loads for good at the loading phase.
  2. Dr3Ame3r

    open Dedicated server OVH game - Mysql problem

    @ATechST Those were automated messages because your server lost internet connections, yes, it was truly a internet connectivity issue, maybe a NIC, maybe some routing issues. Hope you choose your server well next time(btw, i would prefer WAW-1 datacenter over anything else)
  3. Dr3Ame3r

    open Dedicated server OVH game - Mysql problem

    Depends, if they have a improper set MySQL server, it is very possible to encounter frequent disconnects. If they have improper SWAP memory in addition to physical set memory they will encounter the same slowdown as mysql timeouts, ssh timeouts, etc. Please give us the required information @ATechST
  4. Dr3Ame3r

    open Dedicated server OVH game - Mysql problem

    Hello, I have been a customer of OVH FR for about 5 years, can you please tell us, where are you from, what service provider do you use? Also, can you do a MTR(winMTR for windows) from your PC to the Server itself for about 10 minutes and then give us a picture? Do you use any firewalls? Fail2ban, iptables, ipfw, pf, ipf etc? Did you host your VPS on OVH Cloud or especially on a dedicated virtualised server? It looks like a peering problem, something that interconnects OVH network with the rest of the exchangers. Thank you, Dr3Ame3r
  5. Dr3Ame3r

    [C++/Py] Searching for Developer

  6. Dr3Ame3r

    [C++/Py] Searching for Developer

  7. Dr3Ame3r

    [C++/Py] Searching for Developer

  8. Dr3Ame3r

    [C++/Py] Searching for Developer

  9. Dr3Ame3r

    [C++/Py] Searching for Developer

  10. Dr3Ame3r

    [C++/Py] Searching for Developer

    Dear community, The Thrones3 family begins today, 26.11.18, looking for a new member: a C ++ developer with rich experience working on the source of the game, and minimal English knowledge. Experience in Python and / or Lua or other similar technical skills are gratification benefits. Honesty and teamwork are also required.We offer you the opportunity to be a successful freelancer, flexible working hours and the opportunity to be part of a team with high goals in one of the most successful projects in this field ! Financial considerations will be discussed privately after your acceptance with us!We promise that along with your performance, promotion and wage growth will be possible. If you are interested in joining us, please send us an email with your personal details (name, nationality, date of birth, city of residence) along with a description of your game experience both as a player and as a developer, at contact@thrones3.org Selected candidates will be contacted by email and will be offered the chance to an online interview shortly. We are impatient to meet you,The Thrones3 Team
  11. Dr3Ame3r

    bsd libssh vulnerability(CVE-2018-10933)

    As far as i know, newer versions of freebsd 10.0, 11, 12 have OpenSSH built-in already patched. Fortunately there were no breaches registered until this moment.
  12. Dr3Ame3r

    [GF] Race height of actors

    Use what exygo posted. If you want the dictionary in the same file, you'll have to modify Dict = npcheight.NPC_HEIGHT to Dict = NPC_HEIGHT Open instancebase.cpp and search for-> if ((dwHorseVnum >= 20101 && dwHorseVnum <= 20109) || (dwHorseVnum == 20029 || dwHorseVnum == 20030)) return 100.0f; Make a new case under it and put your mounts vnums, in my case it is: if ((dwHorseVnum >= 20110 || dwHorseVnum <= 20266)) return 50.0f; Then, enter PlayerSettingModule.py and use Exygo's dict as this for mounts-> 20110 : 160.00, 20111 : 160.00, 20112 : 160.00, 20113 : 160.00, 20114 : 160.00, 20115 : 160.00, ............... 20266 : 160,00,
  13. Dr3Ame3r

    First Judgement against german Metin2 servers.

    As much as i know, the cloud is formed above some sort of physical servers, right? It depends on the location where you're colocated, your "cloud" is influenced by the datacenter's location because it doesn't mean that if the term "cloud" is available your server will be somewhere in Antarctida. That's totally irrelevant, but this is old news, he got caught in 2016 and he had to pay 50k euros as i know to the german government then he bought a server in nepal or syria (that's what i heard from here and there). Now that we're talking networking, with any sort of warrant the accuser can take responsability only in his country, in this case only germany. ( so don't buy hosting in germany ) #i forgot to add info, if they want to "judge" with you, they will need an entire process to take your server down and to "bust" you and that's gonna take time, like 1-2 years (just for one server)
  14. Dr3Ame3r

    open databases crashes, server dont start

    Hello, can you please provide us a GDB report regarding your server crash? If you don't have a ".core" file, how did you find out that your server crashed? Please provide the output of the following commands too: dmesg tail -f /var/log/messages
  15. Dr3Ame3r

    problem switch py

    Old but the only thing you had to do was to: search : for i in xrange(player.ATTRIBUTE_SLOT_MAX_NUM-2): replace: for i in xrange(0, 5):