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  1. Fernando

    FemurMT2 START: 29.09.2019 20:00 GMT+1

    Hello, i want to announce that FemurMT2 has beed updated. Site: http://www.femurmt2.com/ Register: http://www.femurmt2.com/?s=registo Download: http://www.femurmt2.com/?s=downloads Language: English(others soon) Max LvL: 110 Rates 250% all New equipment,new events,new maps. UPDATE v1.0 10.09.2019 New Farm Map(including all metin stones) Okey collectable cards are ON Modified mob's drop Added new boxes Come and Join US!
  2. Fernando

    FemurMT2 START: 29.09.2019 20:00 GMT+1

    Dear Community, FemurMT2 is now online all can register and download the game.Enjoy! Register: http://www.femurmt2.com/?s=registo Download: http://www.femurmt2.com/?s=downloads Homepage: http://www.femurmt2.com/?s=home
  3. Hello Community, I want to present you FemurMT2, NEW Metin2 Internacional Private Server ***SERVER START AT: 29.09.2019 20:00 GMT+1*** Informations About Server: -FemurMT2 is Middle School Server, Easy to PvP and PvM. -Max LvL: 110 -New Accessories,Weapons,Armours.Costumes. -New Systems (such as: Okey Card System, SwitchBot, Offline Shop System,Ingame Wikipedia, Football Event, MetinRain Event, OX Event, Treasure Event, AND MUCH MORE!!!) -New Improvements for playing and Comfortable Modifications. -Our Team is preparing with new features, much more fun ingame,and alot of updates. Come and Register to being a member of FemurMT2 Links: HomePage: http://www.femurmt2.com/ Download: http://www.femurmt2.com/?s=registo Register: http://www.femurmt2.com/?s=downloads STAFF TO CONTACT: [SA]Rasmus WE ARE WAITING YOU!!!
  4. Fernando

    c++ Boss Effect Over Head

    Worked thank you both @T4UMP @Galet
  5. Fernando

    c++ Boss Effect Over Head

    hi, thanks for reply i compiled the client, now the effect does not appear syserr: 0916 15:59:18856 :: CEffectManager::RegisterEffect - LoadScript(d:/locale/es/effect/boss.mse) Error 0916 15:59:18856 :: CInstanceBase::RegisterEffect(eEftType=368, c_szEftAttachBone=boss, c_szEftName=d:/locale/es/effect/boss.mse, isCache=0) - Error
  6. Fernando

    c++ Boss Effect Over Head

    what i did wrong?
  7. Fernando

    open npc target problem

    This is my msm file of npc ScriptType RaceDataScript BaseModelFileName "d:/ymir work/npc/dane_remy_npc/dane_remy_npc.gr2" Group ShapeData { PathName "" ShapeDataCount 0 } Group AttachingData { AttachingDataCount 1 Group AttachingData00 { AttachingDataType 1 isAttaching 1 AttachingModelIndex 0 AttachingBoneName "Bip02" CollisionType 1 SphereDataCount 1 Group SphereData00 { Radius 31.000000 Position 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 } } }
  8. Fernando

    open npc target problem

    Hello devs, I have problem with my new npc, so I added new npc I modified all and when I call the npc in game /m command and I try to press on the npc it don't have target.maybe you understand what about I mean. if u understand can someone tell me what sould be the problem?
  9. Fernando

    open Offline shop max yang

  10. Fernando

    open Item Description error

    I didn't fixed it by myself i just get root file from my backup.
  11. Fernando

    open Offline shop max yang

  12. check what you been modified last in db from sources or recompile the db may it will help you.
  13. Fernando

    open Item Description error

    thanks for your reply but i fixed, it was problem in uitooltip.
  14. Fernando

    open Offline shop max yang

    Hello, i removed max yang from my server, all works fine except offline shop (by ken) does anyone knows how do i edit source of offline shop its bugged after removing max yang. Thanks.