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  1. Fernando

    open chat appear manager-bio-system..

    check in source codes of your system.
  2. Fernando

    open Private Shop Search System problém

    Hello, how did you fixed it help me please..
  3. Hello, you need system who allows you to see what can drop some monster before you kill it? or metin stone.. etc.?
  4. Hello, you can get free serverfiles with source code (client and server) for free but most of them are bugged or missing something i mean no one serverfiles can be unbugged. so you can find serverfiles with source here: If you want premium serverfiles including source post your skype.
  5. Fernando

    open FreeBSD 10.3

    okay, thanks for answering.
  6. Fernando

    open FreeBSD 10.3

    Hello devs, i want to ask you something.. Im running my root server in my freebsd 9.3 and my serverfiles are running good, so my question is if i get freebsd 10.3 does i need to change something or etc?
  7. Fernando

    [RLS]Private Shop Search System

    Guys does someone fixed the offline shop by ken? with this system i have almost same errors...
  8. Fernando

    open Shop Search System for offline shop problem

    Did you fixed it? i have the same problem....
  9. Fernando

    open HELP Cannot load image

    Again same error..
  10. Fernando

    open HELP Cannot load image

    Hello devs, i have problem with my client, when i select character my game window is exitting and i have the following syserr:(i got the path and the image what says it's missing what could be the problem?) 0810 12:41:14148 :: CMapOutdoor::Load - LoadMonsterAreaInfo ERROR 0810 12:41:23425 :: CreateFromMemoryFile: Cannot create texture 0810 12:41:23426 :: ui:3436: RuntimeWarning: tp_compare didn't return -1 or -2 for exception 0810 12:41:23428 :: __LoadWindow LoadScriptFile LoadChildren LoadChildren LoadElementExpandedImage dragonsoulwindow.LoadWindow.LoadObject - <type 'exceptions.RuntimeError'>:Failed to load image (filename: d:/ymir work/ui/dragonsoul/dragon_soul_bg.tga) 0810 12:41:23428 :: ============================================================================================================ 0810 12:41:23428 :: Abort!!!!
  11. Fernando

    40k client help..

    can you reupload metin2_patch_ds.eix / epk download please.
  12. Fernando

    c++ New Item Type = ITEM_GACHA

    Works fine, thanks for releasing
  13. Fernando

    open How do i create new syslog

    Thanks for your reply, also i needed this code just to notice some cheatings some proof's and etc, but in other side it's bad for players, yes you are right.
  14. Hello Devs, i'm interested how do i create new file who will save my logs example: in input_main.cpp i changed whisper logs to be stored in sys_log or syslog file in ch1 folder in serverfiles. So my idea is how to create new logfile for example whisperlog file who will store my logs?
  15. Download link down?