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  1. Hades ✔

    map Demon dungeon

    in export*. xD
  2. Hades ✔

    New Skills 2018

    You can change the name into " How to kill a server". But skills are awsome. Gj.
  3. Hades ✔

    open Flashing | in chat

    You can check the quests functions there i saw a function with blinking quest name.
  4. Hi Dev`s here my new Multi Kill System. [Project] Angel vs Demon. [System] Multi Kill - Effects & Sounds.
  5. Hades ✔

    [DBD] Dead by Daylight

    Graphic and animations are low...
  6. Hades ✔

    [Buy] Client Encryption & Protection.

    Raylee you can T/C. Didn't found someone able to make something good. Best regards Hades