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  1. do you only copy-paste things, never check? "makepend" pkg install makedepend
  2. Strix.

    python [Py] Root 02.02.2018

    Lol? Where's the logic being in the brasilian files other code than in Koreean one for example? They've both have the same code in them ... Since when can you code python on Brasilian language? wtf
  3. Strix.

    python [Py] Root 02.02.2018!2I5CUIjb!dHYJu2PVf-WJ_sJrpWJ6GAAkvZ7rkKjQrxG-KzYW66c
  4. Does anyone know how this system is called? I found it once but can't manage to find it anymore...
  5. Hi devs. I'm trying to create a board with buttons where the buttons have that tooltip with a window but the tooltip just won't show. I've tried anything I know to try to make it appear. Here is my code if anyone knows what is wrong with it. I don't get anything in my syserr. The root py script My uiscript board:
  6. Strix.

    solved Compile problem

    Hello devs. I'm new at this C++ thing and I installed a new Transumation System on my source but I get this when I compile it: It is not the first system I install but never got this kind of error and I please for some help to fix this . Here is my item.cpp: Here is my item.h: Thanks, - Adelin (Strix).